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So, Im 17 weeks and I go for my anatomy ultrasound on September 11th. Which means I can find out what my baby's gender is if I want to. I don't really think that I want to but my boyfriend really seems like he does. How do I convince him to be on my side. Or should I find out? I just want it to be a surprise you know?!?![Poll]


  • Umm, I don't think I can answer what you want, considering I don't know you.  But I do suggest that if you don't want to know, have them print the answer out and put it into an envelope so that if you change your mind, you can look later.

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  • I didn't vote because I can't tell you what you want to do.

    if he wants to find out that strongly but you don't, why don't you let him find out but keep it a secret so that he can have his way too?

    i originally wanted to find out but my dh didn't. it seemed to really mean a lot to him to have a delivery room surprise and since he's always been so supportive in everything i've ever wanted, i decided to honor his wishes, so we are happily on team green and i'm glad i went with that decision. it's been very exciting and we are doing a baby pool for friends and family, everyone is having fun with it and my dh is very happy which is the most important thing to me :)

  • I found out, because it's going to be harder than anything to name this kid NOT knowing.  So we lessened the name pool by finding out. :)  



    Been Trying since April 2011. Went to an RE on 10/31/11, Had a Follow up appt after a bunch of FUN tests, on 12/5. DX w/hypothroidism (common after having a child) Put me on Levothyroxine on 1/5 and two months later, we have a jellybean! I'm shocked. All because of my stupid thyroid.





  • Could he find out but not you? Could that work for you? Would he keep his mouth shut?

    I don't know what is right for you but do either one of you feel really strongly?

    I REALLY didn't want to know and DH "kinda" did. So because I had stronger feelings we are going with my wishes.

    I'm not sure what to suggest if you both REALLY want the opposite of the other.

    Good luck. 

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  • You could always have them tell SO, and make him promise that he won't tell a soul.
  • Sorry if this seems snarky, but why in the world are you asking opinions from random internet women? If you want an opinion that matters ask the person who helped you create the baby!!
  • Just have your BF watch and you don't watch.  Make him swear he won't tell you!
  • I think that it is a surprise either way. You are surprised when you see it on the U/S screen and you are surprised when you see it in the delivery room. You can always find out at a later U/S if you change your mind(s).
  • It is a surprise, either way! It's all a matter of whether you want to have it come now or later. I, personally, couldn't wait. You could always have the tech tell your boyfriend, and make sure he keeps it a secret from you!
  • OK so I  think I'm coming in here late but let me tell you my expierence.  With our 1st I really wanted to find out but she was uncooperative and we ended up on team green until she was born.  I thought I would be totally bummed not knowing, but I totally had a blast not knowing until the big day! 

    This time around we found out and I am happy, however I immediately had regret and I kinda wish that we didn't know. (I will never admit it to DH since he didnt want to knwo iwht this one either)

    So my vote for you is don't find out!!! 

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  • thanks for the input all, i just needed some assitance. i think I will just not know myself, have them write it down and let the boyfriend know. I is about being a team, i shouldnt be so selfish
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