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Do/Will you SAH or Work?

Out if curiosity, how many of you w/kids are SAHMs?

How many pregnant chicks here plan to SAH indefinitely when your babies arrive?


Re: Do/Will you SAH or Work?

  • I looking for work but for right now I am SAHM
  • SAHM until I find work. But I'm in social services so, *ideally*, it wont be hard to find something. Will be looking while I'm on maternity leave, as I'm leaving my current job once I go into labor or Oct. 2nd -- whichever comes first.
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  • I'll be going back to work.  I was raised by a SAHM and as a child it was fantastic, but I don't think that I could do that.  My own mother was the only SAHM in the neighborhood so she basically raised most of my friends.  She went through a terrible phase of feeling useless when we hit our teens because we didn't need her as much any more.  She'd been out of the workforce for almost 15 years by that point and she just didn't know where to start.  I have to say that after watching her try to adjust I'm terrified of the same fate.  It may be an unfounded fear, but it's still one heck of a motivator. 
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  • I work FT, and love it. I love my job, love making "my money", the adult interaction...and in the end, we couldn't live on DH's salary alone. It's hard, and I think about Olivia ALL day, but I appreciate my time with her so much!
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  • I would love to be a SAHM, but unfourtunatly I'm the bread winner.  DH has been on "temporary" unemployment for 6 months with no work in site.  At least he'll get to be a SAHD for awhile and bond with the baby.
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  • I quit my job weeks ago since it was risky for my pregnancy and I have no plans to go back after my son is born. I'm sure that I will go back to work eventually, but not until DH and I are done having children and they're all in school. That's our plan at least!
  • I'm working FT right now, but am not sure what's going to happen when #3 gets here. We're currently working opposite shifts to avoid childcare and just don't see how we can keep going at our current pace with 3 kiddos, especially since my maternity leave will be done just as the oldest is getting out of school for the summer. Neither of us make enough money on our own to support the household, but putting 2-3 kids in daycare isn't cheap either.
  • We both work and go to school. I work only part-time though and I think it works. Somedays I can't wait to go to work but then others I do get really sad and wish I could stay home with her but we need the $$ and I enjoy my job.

  • I go back to work on August 31st.  Ideally I would love to work part-time, have the best of both worlds.  Fortunately as a teacher I have my summers off...
  • I work but as a nurse I work 3 12 hour shifts a week so I have more days off during the week which is nice. My husband is also laid off right now so we are both around a lot which is really nice to spend so much time with the babe.
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  • I work part time for now up till the baby is born. We are having our third child and plan on getting married next fall.
  • I work a 36-hr week (4 9-hr days, with Fridays off) right now, due to a cut in hours/pay at work last fall, but am still considered a FT employee.  I'll continue to work FT after #2 arrives.
  • I work FT, but don't love my job.  However, the money is good and is unfortunately needed to pay the bills. 

    As PP said, my mom was a SAHM and it was fabulous to have her there.  My parents got divorced when I was 15 and it was a struggle for her to get a job after being out of the work force for so long (20 yrs since I have an older brother and sister).  She had let her LPN license lapse and had to go back to school to get it refreshed.  Seeing her struggle, I knew that I would never come to depend 100% on my DH, just in case...

  • I am a proud SAHM! I have three young girls right now and a baby on the way. I met my husband in college and we have the same degree. He makes enough to support us for now. I know we have to go without a lot of extra stuff but the kids are happier to be home with mom. I might even start to homeschool my oldest. She hates school and is not doing so great right now. I provide daycare for a neighbor on a very part-time basis (about 1-2 days a week). This gives us extra money and our families are great about buying the girls "gifts" every now and then. We would not be able to buy these expensive things. I would not change it for the world. I would hate to get the kids up and out the door when it is below zero and still dark out just to bring them to daycare. I know they will look back at this time with mom and be very thankful. I love being the one to see all the 'firsts' as they happen.
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