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poll: how many..

kids that is, and why? like how did you come to that?

I've always wanted 5, DH has said 3 max... recently he started saying he is leaning toward 2 because he has to take care of the kids about 8-9 hours a day. I get home about 4 and DS is in bed by 7:30 so he feels I have it easier per se... I still want 5, but would settle at 3, I dont know if i could settle with 2 by choice, obviously for health reasons i would...

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Re: poll: how many..

  • I want 5 but would be ok with 3. DH wants 3.
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  • 4. dh says 3 if the third is a girl. but i know him, and he'd try at least 1 more time for a boy.
  • image punkfiction:
    4. dh says 3 if the third is a girl. but i know him, and he'd try at least 1 more time for a boy.

    this is exactly why he says 3, because either we have a girl within the first 3 or we stop with 3 boys... he was 1 of 4 boys and he says they were awful lol...

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  • 2 or 3.  Financially I think that's all that we could comfortably afford.  Yes, I know it's not all about money but we don't want to be strapped for cash at any point in our lives and we want to have enough left over so that we aren't stressing about money.

    I think if #2 is a girl then we'll be more likely to try for a boy with #3.

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  • DH and I both want 2.  DH says that he doesn't want the kids to out number the parents and I am a middle child that totally has 'middle child syndrome' so I have always said that I do not want to have a middle child.
  • we just always agreed on 2.  just talking one day and asked how many we want and we both said 2, but now that i am thinking the next pregnancy will be the last makes me sad, so who knows - either 2 or 3.

  • DH and I both want 2.  He changed his mind for a while (happy with one) but I really wanted a second child.  Partly because my friends who were only children said were lonely and didn't interact with kids as well as friends with siblings and partly because we're older parents and I want ds to have someone to share the burden when we're really old.

    My sister definitely has middle sibling syndrome and I definitely don't want that issue- plus the cost of college and other financial aspects- that's why I'd stick with 2 and not 3.

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  • 3 or 4 -- DH says we stop when the 2nd girl comes cause he couldn't take a houseful of girls Confused
  • I always thought 2, dh would love at least 5! I'm not having 5 but now that I'm pregnant with our second I'm sad to think this might be my last.  So we'll see, maybe 3, but no more than that.
  • I want 3 but after days like yesterday and dealing with Miss Cranky Carly, I could stop at 2. We will see though.
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  • One.  Because I can't have a child biologically and adoption is too $$$, Kellen is it for us. :)
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  • 2...we were one & done, but have decided to have one more, but that is DEFINITELY it!
  • If money wasn't an issue, I would have 4 or 5.  But since we can't afford to have too many kids and I have to work, we are stopping after this one at two.  There is a possibility for a 3rd one maybe 4 or 5 years down the road, but I doubt it.
  • We talked 2-4 off and on.   I had severe pree with #1... I told dh if there were any signs the second time, that would be it.  I started showing signs of it late in my 2nd pg (very mild though).  then dh moved us to nyc.  so for health and $ reasons (private school is EXPENSIVE here)... I say we're done.  He still seems to think we'll have a couple more later on down the road.  I think he's smokin' a happy pipe. lol.  maybe we will be able to adopt a couple one day...although it does make me sad to think I'm done with pg.  I just don't think I want to go through another pg worrying about pree popping up.  the 1st experience was rough. He didn't want anymore after that delivery (as he remembers the delivery).  after ds was an easy breezy pg and delivery, he has a spark for more. 


  • I'd like 3, DH says 2.  If we have 2 boys I will definetly go for #3 in hopes for a little girl.  However, if I'm on bed rest and deliever early with the next pregnancy I may not go for #3. I can't imagine if I get on bed rest for a pregnancy when I have DS.



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  • Two. To be honest, I'd be fine with just DD. DH is in his mid-40s and we don't want to have a newborn when he's 50. For financial reasons and for DH's age, I think we'll stop at 2 - though it does make me sad to think I'll only get to be a mom one more time.

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  • DH would have been happy with 1, but I really wanted 2.  Luckily, baby #2 is now on the way, so this will be it for pregnancies for me, and I am going to enjoy it (hopefully) knowing it is going to be my last.
  • It makes me so sad to think that this is it...

    but probably 2. :(

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  • Done with 2!!  DH would like another (boy), but it's not happening.
  • 2, but i would love to adopt.  but don't think that will happen.  i am fine to never be pg again.
  • I've always wanted 5, and DH wants we compromised at 3-4 lol. We have two boys right now, who I adore!, and some days I think a newborn is too much work and we should just stick to the two we have. DH really wants at least 3, so we will try for #3 in a couple of years, and then we'll see from there.

    I always wanted a little girl, so we've decided if #3 is a girl, we are done. If it's a boy, we will adopt a girl later on.

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  • We want 3 but we will see how it goes once we have 2!
  • we are supposed to start trying for a 2nd in Oct.  but after days like today, i am DONE!!!

     If your DH is the primary caretaker, I would think if he felt he could not take care of more, that would have to weigh in heavily on the decision to have more.?  just my thoughts.. 

  • i think DH and I would have had 12 if we could afford it! on the other hand, we almost stopped at 1 because they are so expensive! LOL.....We ended up with 2 and we are done!
  • 2 maybe 3. If the next one is another boy then I'd lean toward having a 3rd to try for a girl! Big Smile
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  • DH and I both want 2.  I want DS to have a sibling.  If we had more than 2 I don't think I'd be able to handle being outnumbered.   

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  • I want four (or more!) and DH wants two, so we'll probably compromise and end up with three. But I'll still push for four!

    I am one of four, and he is one of three, but he definitely takes a more practical view in terms of finances than I do. Who knows, in a few years, we may find ourselves in a position to provide well for a whole brood of kids. :)

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  • I would like at least 3.  DH would like at least 2.  Unfortunately, it depends on money and my age.  :(

    Just last week, DH said, "If we were rich, I'd have 5 of them!"  I always wanted 5 kids when I was younger.  Time and money will probably not allow that.  So I'll settle for 3....hopefully!  lol.

  • 1 and only 1. We did not want any kids; then I had preeclampsia (sp) and that sealed it at one.
  • I have my 2 and we are done.  I always wanted 2 and so DH.  He is the oldest of 3 and I'm the youngest of 4.  We love having one of us per child and finalcially, really would be strected to keep the life style that we have and enjoy and have any more kids.
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