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s/o Weight Gain Question

When did you start gaining weight in your pregnancy?  I am aiming to only gain 15lbs, I am a little overweight to start and that is what my doctor would like me to gain. 
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Re: s/o Weight Gain Question

  • It really depends on your body and how you are feeling. If you have morning sickness, you probably won't gain, maybe even lose, in the first 12-16 weeks.

    For me, I didn't have morning sickness (headahces and migraines instead!)...I started gaining right away, showing at like 2 months, and ended up gaining 50 pounds! Ick.

    Ashley & Christian
  • I lost weight :) (I know you all hate me) but once he came out I was back to were I started.
  • I started gaining right away, it was 3lbs in the first trimester, and then just a steady incline until about 28weeks when I topped out and didn't gain anymore.  I was at a perfect weight when I started pregnancy and only gained 18lbs, which I was completely shocked about, and makes me think your body is just going to gain what it needs to gain to sustain a healthy babe.  G/L to you!
  • I didn't gain anything until around 12 weeks, but then it's been a steady increase ever since with more coming on in recent weeks.  I've already reached 30+ lbs, which is too much for 30 weeks!  I've kind of come to accept it though...I just don't want any more pictures of me!  Smile
  • I didn't gain anything until maybe about week 16-18 or so...then gained a little too much for my dr. (averaged about 2 lbs/week for a few weeks there).  I've sort of tapered off after that at about a pound a week (which is recommended).  All in all, I'm 36 weeks and have gained just under 30 pounds.  My doctor is happy with that.  I've not gained anything in the last few weeks (appetite has gone downhill).  But, honestly, all the weight is in my belly.  I'm still basically wearing the same size as before (just with an expanded waist-band of course!) and for the most part, I'm wearing my same jeans/pants as before, just unbuttoned.  I think you're body will do what it does as long as you are not abusing the junk food.  I was really worried in the beginning but I knew I was eating right and exercising regularly, so it must have just been that my body decided it needed to gain some weight. 
  • I didn't start gaining weight until I was about 25weeks pregnant and I was gaining very slowly but then at 36weeks until 42weeks when I delivered that's when I gained most of my weight. I did a pregnant fitness class and they don't let you do it after 32weeks so maybe that's why I gained it all at the end? I don't know but now, I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight but I have some extra "mommy stuff" in the middle so I am not in the same pre-pregnancy size.

  • I am in the same boat... I started out a 10 lbs overweight so my OB wants me to gain the minimum amount.

    At 20 weeks I had only gained 4 pounds -- yay for me!

    Since then, I have gained 4 more pounds. It seems like I am going up a pound every week.

    It's hard because I have been having serious cravings lately!! I just got absolutely ravenous at about 22 weeks.

  • i started off by losing five lbs and then gaining two or three lbs until i was about 25-27 weeks now i am gaining like ten lbs a month. its making me mad!
  • I have gained it steadily over my pregnancy. Right now I am at about 30-35lbs gained and I would prefer not to gain anymore. I need to be more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth!
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