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Yay I passed my 3 hour!!!!!!!!!

I failed my one hour last week and was so sad and stressed b/c baby has been measuring big. My OB firmly believes she will be a large baby so when I failed I got so worried that my sugar may be so out of control that its going to complicate things for the baby. I had all my friends and family praying for me to not have GD and took my three hour test yesterday morning. This afternoon my Dr.'s office called to let me know that I passed and all levels were in normal range. So dh and I could not be happier we may still be having a big baby but im glad its natural and not due to GD. Good luck to all the mommies that still need to take their tests.

Re: Yay I passed my 3 hour!!!!!!!!!

  • what was your 1 hour? I got a 171 and they said I failed so badly I didn't need to come in for the 3 hour. But I'm going to insist I take the 3 hour to make sure
  • I failed with a 148 but that is crap what they told you I saw someone post they failed with a 177 and passed the 3 hour I would make them do the 3 hour on you the 1 hour is considered a screen test the 3 hour is the real test to give a GD diagnosis.
  • I am going to call tomorrow and insist. I think its crap that they just labeled me with GD because of failing my one hour. I had just been to a friends bday party and had eaten a piece of cake and pasta, I know they say you can't trick the test, but the way I see it I probably already had elevated levels of sugar from the lunch, plus that sugary crap they made me drink.
  • Wow, our story sounds similar! I took the 3-hour test yesterday morning too. Got the results this afternoon that all is well and I passed without a hitch.

    My 1-hour result was 137 (so it was under 140) but they wanted me to do the 3-hour test anyway. I was miffed about it but passing the 3-hour was a relief!


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  • That is great!! I can imagine how worried you were.
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