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Are you working right up until you go into labor?

I was just thinking. I'm feeling ok now. A few things are tough for me to do at work but I can't imagine a day at work when I'm 39 or 40 weeks along and huge...especially when I have a job that can me somewhat intense and physically demanding. Don't most first timers go over their due dates? Do you plan on working till you go into labor or are you just calling it quits once you hit your due date. I'd hate to start my maternity leave before DD gets here but I might seriously consider it when the time comes.

Re: Are you working right up until you go into labor?

  • I thought I would work right up until the due date.  then around 30 weeks I started having serious hip/groin pain.  Now it is so bad I hardly sleep and it hurts to sit or walk for long periods of time.  My ob is allowing me to stop work a few weeks early.  I actually think I will miss work a bit.
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  • I was planning to, but the last 2 weeks I called out at least one day. So my due date is the 17 a monday. I was planning on the 14th being my last day, but I am so annoyed and tired lately that I am working tomorrow and then until Wednesday of next week and I'm done.

    I think I've done enough.

  • My plan is to work up to my due date.. but we'll see : )  My DH is trying to convince me to stop working the week before my due date.
  • I'm planning on starting my leave a week before my c/s (if I make it that far).  I've read that women who take a week or two before they deliver have better recovery times.  Since I'm having a c/s I want that time to be sure everything is ready.
  • I am going to work as long as possible.  It is getting tougher though already.  I am back to feeling fatigued and my legs and feet are swelling more.  As long as LO is healthy and things are on track I am going to get through those other issues and do what I can.  I am able to leave earlier than before and take breaks to get my feet up, so that helps!!!
  • no Im not, but Im bartendin

    The job is getting hard for me (not to mention it gets really intense once football season starts) So I put my notice in that I am done the week before football starts. I'll be 34 weeks

    Also we are also moving around the time I am 35 weeks. This way I have time to pack and unpack everything before she gets here. 

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  • Definitely NOT.  My last day is a little over a week before EDD. 
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  • I'm a photographer and I'm independant, so I'll work as long as I can.  It gets pretty physical so I've already been told to slow down a bit, but I can continue as long as I feel up to it.  I haven't decided when I'll stop... I'll go by what my body tells me!
  • I had planned to work right up until I went into labor, but they ended up putting me on bed rest at 38 weeks. 
  • I'm in the Navy so i basically have to keep working until the day i deliver or unless my doctor wants to take me off but i dont see him doing that at all. There are days where i feel like crap and want to  go home early but i dont have the option or choice to leave unless i'm sick and need to go to the emergency room. My job is not flexible at all and its sad but they could really care less if im pregnant or not. They want to see me 10 hours a day 6 days a week until i go into labor.
  • I am a teacher, so I got to stop early because the school year ended.  I definately could've worked up until 37 weeks, but things have gotten quite uncomfortable since then.  It would depend on the job.

  • I am if I go before Sept. 1st, but then I'm done, b/c my sister's wedding is Sept. 5th and we have a ton of stuff to do that week, so I'm aiming to be off by that date and focus on her wedding :).
  • I'm due the 9th...I just told my boss today that my last day is September 1st. I am actually on break between August 17-31st...September 1st is school orientation. My co-workers are taking all my students off my caseload so I will be so bored just sitting around on 9/2-9/4 and I rather make better use of my time if the baby hasn't arrived by then.
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  • I'm self employed, so I will be working right up until I go into labor, and if last time is any indicator, I will work while I am in labor, while I am in the hospital and once I get home.

    My job is not physically demanding- total desk job.  But when you work for yourself and have clients relying on you there is no such thing as maternity leave!!

  • I'm a teacher so I had to have my final date planned. My last day was my due date and then the following week was my Spring Break. I didn't end up going into labor on my own and had to be induced 10 days past my due date. I am sooo glad that I didn't go on maternity leave early!!! The last week or so was rough but IMO totally worth it! It helped me save all my days off.
  • My induction is the 14th (next Friday!). My last day is Wednesday. It would have been Thursday but I have my last Dr. appt that day.
  • I had planned to work until my due date, but my dr. has put me on bed rest to try to get this swelling under control. I'll be out at 38 weeks.
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  • I would love to take a week off prior, but I think I would rather not risk wasting the vacation/sick time i earned and save it for when I actually need it.
  • I plan on it, but I'll play it by ear.  I sit for the most part, and that really helps.  If I was standing all day I'm pretty sure I'd feel different about the subject. 
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  • I plan on working as long as I am able to, which hopefully will be right up until I have the baby.  If my doctor thinks I needs to quit earlier than that I will, but I don't want to. 
  • I'm working as long as I can and just playing it by ear. If I get really miserable I'll stop, but I'm trying to save my time off as much as I can.

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  • I'm working until I go into labor.  Period.  Of course, I work in the ER of the hospital where I am planning to give birth...
  • I am 37 weeks today and still working full-time standing all day. I sit when I can, but don't really have much time to relax all day.  I'm still feeling pretty good so far, I get moments of exhaustion from time to time.  If I keep steadily busy, I don't have time to think about it.  I'll stop working when my body tells me to.  It makes me proud of myself to keep working and growing baby.  I feel like nothing is going to stop me!!  I think I was reading on this site today that some time off is actually a good idea if you need down time before baby gets here--if it's your first (it's mine) it may be the last chance you get to chill and relax.  It also gives you a chance to prepare for labor.  So, you decide what works for you and your body. 

  • I plan on working up until the day I deliver.  I can't afford to take off earlier, not unless a doctor says I need to stop.

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  • Tomorrow is my last day.  I wish I would have stopped a week ago.  I am tired and it has been hard.  My Short Term disability makes the m ost sense to take the week prior so I can get 6 or 8 weeks of disability.  I am so excited.
  • I am working up until I go into labor. I am still working and plan to do so next week as well, but I am also quite small and have no issues, so it is a good distraction from waiting for baby to arrive.
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  • I worked on Friday and was induced on Sunday (at 39 weeks 5 days). I had the world's easiest pregnancy though.
  • I keep showing up to work, and will do so until I go into labor or am induced.  I can not vouche for the actual amount of work that gets done. 

  • I'm working the day of my induction (since I don't have to be there until 6pm).
  • I am planning on working as long as I can. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy thus far and am hoping that it continues that way til close to the end.

    I work in an office and I work with my DH and our office is across from the hospital. So I am hoping to work as long as I can. So far I am doing ok. I do find myself having to sit back and not scrunch in my chair so much. I am also going to rearrange my office a little so my computer is situated differently and I can sit back and work a little better.


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