3rd Trimester

would this bother you?

I've been pretty hormonal in the last couple weeks so I might just be extra sensitive, but I just went to grab a salad at Taco Del Mar & got the 3rd degree by the checkout girl!

First she asked me questions that didn't bug me too bad, I'm used to them by now..."do you get tired easily?" "Are you having a lot of morning sickness?" etc

then...and let me just explain that there was a huge line behind me of people getting their lunches & she was holding my debit card just chatting away & I just wanted to take my salad & go....she says VERY loudly...

"So, are you going to have a natural birth?"

Indifferent I guess I just think that's a private decision, I dont think anyone really KNOWS what they will do until they're in labor & see how things go & I dont' really want the entire line of people listening in on that conversation! She pressed & asked me again when I didn't answer...so eventually I just said "well, I probably will end up wanting the epidural, but we'll see" Then I grabbed my card & salad & ran away. MEH!

Re: would this bother you?

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