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Mom's with talkers, come in!

DD has never really been a talker.  Overall she's a pretty quiet kid.  We do sign with her and she is great at communicating that way.  She currently uses about 12 signs. In terms of speaking she only really says, Mama & Dada.  She sometimes will make a "KA" sound for Cat or Book.  Anyway, this week she has starting babbling up a storm.  She's doing the thing where she speaks with inflection and it sounds like a foreign language.  How long was it for you from this point until you started to hear some real words.  I know she must be close! TIA!

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Re: Mom's with talkers, come in!

  • Zachary only had about 10 words and phrases that he consistently said at 15 months.  Something clicked at about 17 months and his vocab has really taken off.  He's really into repeating the words we say right now. 
  • I am curious to see what people say because Lily is a big time talker and I swear she is saying more than I can understand.  

    My Mom is a speech pathologist and she says if you think your LO said something, most likely they did.   

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  • DS has been "speaking" gibberish for months, gesticulating wildy, inflection, crazy expressions. He even flicks his tongue sometimes. I have no idea what he's saying and he's yet to say a word that sounds like English in a way that makes me think he knows what he's saying. He does say Mama, Dada and yeah a lot but again, not in the correct context.
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  • DS has always said a lot of words.  He can name so many things but just says one word at a time, he hasn't started putting words together yet.  But, recently he started this foreign language thing like you mentioned.  I think he is about to start saying sentences.  I have heard that some kids who don't say a lot of words go right to saying phrases.  Maybe this will be your DD.
  • We had a word explosion at 14 months and she went from 10-15 - 60-70. Now I have no idea. She's putting together sentences and understanding so much. 

    It happens so quickly. You'll just be shocked.  

  • DS had language explosions at 13 and 14 months.  He went from knowing one word to 12, and was up to 30+ by the time he was 15 months old. 

    One thing my pediatrician mentioned is that it's a word even if it sounds like another word.  It's all in the context.  So, "ba" can mean ball, blanket, banana, or any number of things, but as long as it's being used consistently for those objects, it counts as a word.

  • Yes. DD is the same age and she is really getting into talking.  I mean, speaking sentences and even using big hand gestures. If only I knew what she was saying! But it has picked up a lot recently. She only says a handful of real words now.  I'd say maybe 6?
  • around 14 months, DD probably had around 20 words that she could say clearly and correctly -- mostly basics, like mommy, daddy, ball, more, bubble, bye, cookie, book and animal sounds.  also, she was always talking in these big long babbling sentences we couldn't understand.  from that point, it seemed she added a word or so per week, and by 18 months had started (very) occasionally combining words, like "more cookie."  

     in the past few weeks, she says something new and breaks out with crazy sentences i can actually understand almost every day!  for instance, just in the last couple weeks: "i tit on couch;" "i watch tb (tv);"  "read book;"  "i love you;" "i got you;" "i eat;" "baby go;" and she even yells at the dogs like us -- "goggy STOP, sssh!"    it's really amazing how quickly they start talking, and it's awesome to finally understand the babbling!!

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