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creative ways to share sex of baby

i'm sure this has been posted a gazillion times, but i can never firgure out the search function on this site! 


with first ds, we had our families come over, and i had made a layered cake that had either pink or blue frosting in the center.  we had one of the grandparents cut the cake.  it was great!! (i think i read about it on here) but we want to do something different this time.


any other cute ideas??  



Re: creative ways to share sex of baby

  • Personalized M&Ms, candy wrapers, or just pink or blue M&Ms. I also saw someone write "I'm a girl/boy" on their tummy with marker and take a pic. That was cute.
  • We're going to find out with our parents. We hope to have the u/s tech write the gender and seal it in an envelope, then take that envelope (several weeks later) to a florist. The florist will put pink or blue balloons in a box and we'll open the box with our parents around and all find out together. I hope it works out as nice as we've planned!! :o)
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  • You could bring along a box and 2 dark bags to your u/s. inside the bag have 1 pink item and 1 blue item. ask your tech not to tell you the sex of the baby, but instead after your u/s to put the appropriate color item into the box and put the lid on it. have the tech put the box into one bag, and the unused item into the other bag and close it up so you can't see inside.

    then when your family is over, you can open the box and find out together :)

  • we bought cupcakes with white icing and then filled the insides with blue frosting with a syringe.
  • We're buying "its a boy/girl" yard signs and putting pink or blue balloons on them. We told our families that we find out later than the actual date so they won't be expecting anything. When they are at church, we will go around and distribute them in their yard. I figure it will be a fun surprise when they get home.
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