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Registry Ideas now that you have the baby...

I am trying to figure out what to register for and feeling a little overwhelmed as there are a million things to register for! I'd like to know what you did register for that you liked, what you wished you would have registered for, and what you wished you did not register for... TIA!!!
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Re: Registry Ideas now that you have the baby...

  • My main advice is don't register for clothes or toys. People will give them to you regardless and it is better to steer them towards the practical items!

    Things I love: bouncy chair, monitor, bottle organizing rack and dishwasher baskets, snap-n-go stroller, a good baby carrier, and a good diaper bag.

    Things I find over rated: Swing, boppy pillow (though, I adore the pregnancy wedge!),  and a play mat.

    Good luck and have fun!!!

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  • All these stupid swaddle blankets that don't work!!! Waste of money!!

  • Stuff I didn't register for but love:?Miracle blanket,?Munchkin dishwasher baskets.?Other things we love are the baby crack machine (Homedics Sound Spa...we have the one w/a projector and to my amazement, he loves watching it as he drifts off at night) and a mobile above LO's changing table.

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  • The good things.....a great baby sling, wipes warmer, diapers, diapers, and more diapers in different sizes.

    The bad things....carseat/stroller/combo/contraption.  Way to bid and heavy.  Opt for snug ride carseat and carseat stroller frame.  LOVE IT!

  • Things that are a life saver in my house so far are: Swing, Sound machine, Boppy or My Breast Friend, Bumbo, and TONS of diapers in every size.

    O and a rocking chair haha

    Edit: I almost forgot to add the moby wrap. #1 life saver!


  • I love my Boppy, MobyWrap, Baby Bjorn, Dr. Brown bottles, white onesies, bouncer & the best thing ever - her Moses Basket.
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  • Must haves in our home: swing play mat/activity rug swaddle blankets hooded towels diapers diapers diapers (all sizes) pack n play lots of burp clothes extra changing table pads diaper champ
  • Things I didn't think I needed and should have registered for:

    Bumbo type chair, pacifiers, jumperoo (i just want one), lightweight stroller, Moby

    Things we love:

    Swing, bouncer, Dr. Brown's bottles, odor neutralizing diaper pail (we have a dog that's part hound), travel system, activity mat, crib soother

    Things we probably didn't need:

    Mobile, JJ Cole Bundle Me (due to the weather and his size he'll never use it), Baby Sac Diaper Bag in two sizes -- I hated them, piddle pads, Chicco carrier  

  • We've been home from the hospital less than 3 days, but so far: kiddapatomas swaddle me blankets, co-sleeper (set up to be free standing), kimono style t-shirts- the best are long sleeved and have flaps to cover her hands, gerber cloth diapers to use as burp cloths, tons of receiving blankets (but people will buy, so don't register for), glider, soothies pacifiers, swing, bouncy seat.
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  • ditto on not registering for the clothes or toys.  however i would register for receiving blankets (after they outgrow you can cut them and use them as burp cloths), bibs, boppy, swing***, jumperoo, bouncey seat, travel system, snap-and-go stroller, blankets, diapers, wipes, playmat, bottles, dishwasher baskets, highchair, covertible carseat, extra base (for carrier),  bath.....


    hope this helps

  • Our 2nd LO is 6 wks old but I'll give an ideas for long term as our first is 2 1/2. 

    Totally agree - don't register for clothes or toys.

    Things we LOVED and really used - Eddie Bauer bassinet, Snug rige car seat, extra car seat base, snap and go stroller, Britax convertable car seat, Peg Perego stroller, Bumbo (1st LO LOVED it), high chair, swing (life saver!), bottles, microwave sterilizer, pacifiers (we use Avent), diapers (sizes 1 -3), wipes, bathtub, diaper bag, rocking chair, monitor, receiving blankets

    Things we never really used - boppy, mobile, diaper pail thing, wipes warmer

  • If you're planning on breastfeeding don't register for a ton of bottles.  You don't know if the baby will take the brand you register for, try a few bottles from a couple brands. 

    Our lactation consultant suggested Breastflow bottles by First Years, I had registered for the full line of Dr. Browns because that's what my friend used to formula feed then learned they aren't a natural nipple shape and the baby may have nipple confusion when I go back & forth between the breast & bottle.

  • I would definitely put a Halo Sleep Sack or two on there.  They are great and I use them every night. 

    I also got this Fisher Price Seahorse toy (looks kinda like a glow worm) that plays music and lights up. DS LOVES it. 

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