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Mobile for girl/purple bedding?

Does anyone have any good sites for finding mobiles?  I want a musical mobile to go with our daughter's lavender bedding, but I'm having a hard time finding one I like.  We want to go with lavender, green, and white for the colors of the room, but the mobile can be different.


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Re: Mobile for girl/purple bedding?

  • BEST mobile out there might not go perfectly with your colors but the baby will LOVE It is made by Tiny Love.  They make a few versions to pick from.  I can't explain what babies love about their mobiles but I used to work at The Right Start & countless parents swore by them.  Many parents would even return the mobile that went with their crib bedding and buy the Tiny Love ones.  I buy them for baby shower gifts all the time & my friends all swear by it too.
  • I will have to check it out, thanks!
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