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Former Team Greeners- for fun

For 9 months I was so sure that I was having a boy despite the predictor and everyone else telling me that I was having a girl (including strangers and parents at my school when they came in for meetings).  I mean swore up and down it was a boy.  I even told everyone that if they said it was a girl I would say, "Are you $h!tt!n' me?".  It is not that I didn't want a girl but my gut said boy and at my 20 weeks u/s I thought I saw a turtle on the screen.

Needless to say the nurse said, "It's a girl baby" and as promised DH has be cursing during my c/s on video.  I was also over the moon to be so surprised.  The reason I stayed on Green was because I didn't buy anything for the baby and didn't care what it was so why bother knowing.  I have never been happier since they said she was here.  While I was in recovery DH tapped everyone's reaction when he told everyone that the baby was here. 

What was everyone's reaction to the big moment?

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Re: Former Team Greeners- for fun

  • I swore I was having a girl. DH and mom were the only people to disagree and think it was a boy.

    Luke was born via emergency c-section. I was still in shock that I was in the operating room and about to have a baby when the words "It's a Boy" filled the room.

    I'm still blown away by the fact that he is a boy but I will say that I did, toward the end, have my doubts that it was a girl and in my heart I suppose I knew it was a boy all along (I was panicked that I didn't have enough boy names).

    I am, however, in no way, disappointed. I love my little boy beyond what words can express.?

  • My Dad has three daughters and has always wanted a boy. I was 11 when my youngest sister was born so I remember how everyone was certain she was a boy...turned out no! So when I became pregnant and decided not to find out, everyone was certain I just had to have a boy. I had an emergency c-section so I didn't get to see everyone's reactions, except for DH who cried because he was so happy that our little girl was safe. I guess when they went upstairs with the warmer DH goes "Sorry Mike" to my Dad, and everyone knew it was a girl. They were so happy!
  • Ooh, i hope more people share - I'm still on Team Green for another week or so, and 2-1 majority thinks it is a boy.  I'm pretty convinced by them at this point - if it is a girl, I'll be very shocked, b/c they have all convinced me it will be a boy.
  • I convinced myself and everyone around me it was a boy. I had "girl" dreams, which supposedly are the real indictors (said my MWs), but I ignored them. When my MW held up a tiny, gray baby I didn't even ask! She was the one to say "Well, what do we have here?" When she said "It's a girl!" I just about died. Team Green is SO worth it. I try to convince everyone I know to stay there!
  • image MarriedBestFriends:
    I convinced myself and everyone around me it was a boy. I had "girl" dreams, which supposedly are the real indictors (said my MWs), but I ignored them. When my MW held up a tiny, gray baby I didn't even ask! She was the one to say "Well, what do we have here?" When she said "It's a girl!" I just about died. Team Green is SO worth it. I try to convince everyone I know to stay there!

    I had girl dreams too!  I totally ignored them and kept calling my stomach he.  DH and I were even planning his bris.

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  • I had a hunch from early on that we were having a girl but I was too nervous to say it out loud because virtually everyone I know has a boy.  DH believed it was a boy.  My family believed girl.  And the rest of our friends were pretty much split.  I ended up having a c-section to deliver her and I don't recall the doctor announcing the sex but I swear when DH stood up to watch her being pulled out that he said "oh my god it's a girl!"  *This is the first girl in 46 years in DH's family*

    My reaction was tears -- just sobbing tears.  I mean I was crying anyway as soon as her head was born because she was crying but when I knew she was a she I just broke down.  It's been very fun in the days since because we're getting box after box of girly clothes -- seems like a lot of friends and family were waiting until we knew what we were having to send us a gift.  They are so generous and the clothes are so cute -- and since I'm still barely functioning it's been nice to have all these clothes on hand.

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  • I had a hunch it was a girl from the day we conceived.  I'm serious!!!  The funny thing is that I always imagined myself having boys!  I even secretly bought two baby girl outfits.  Just about everyone (even the nail lady, grocery store checker, co-workers, family, friends, stangers) said it would be a boy.  Everyone was surprised!!!  I cried when my Dr. said "It's a GIRL."  Me & DH just knew she was a girl.  Not knowing was the best decision!  We had so much fun even though everyone tried to pressure us to find out.

    Here is a photo of the moment I found out it was a girl.  Priceless!!!image

    Photobucket Sydney Elise 5/9/09 Kate Reese 8/2/11
  • Growing up in a family of girls, and being the "tomboy" of the family, I was secretly hoping for a boy, but I knew I would love whatever God gave us.  DH and I both were thinking it was a boy, but I always second guess myself, so I tried to convice us it was a girl so we wouldn't be "dissappointed". Dh's cousins were all having babies a few months ahead of us, and every one of them were girls so we thought we might be able to break the streak.  After 12 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing when the MW said, "So, Dad, what is it?" My husband looked down, and in a hushed whisper said, "a boy..." his eyes told me how overjoyed he was and I felt so content at that moment.  I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
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  • I was coming to from the drugs, so my reaction was a puzzled "I have a son?" It took me a minute to realize that they were indeed trying to tell me that I had a baby boy.
  • I am so glad we stayed team green! I fron the beginning thought boy, I even called the baby "he" much to my family's distaste as they all wanted a girl. DH also thought it was a girl but admitted he really wanted a boy first. I dreamed both boy & girl. Everyone from strangers to the communion lady at the hosital told me girl because of how I was carrying.

    In the delivery room just before the last push the nurse said to DH "OK last guess boy or girl?" DH said "It really doesn't matter but if tis a girl I am buying a shot gun" with the next push the baby was delivered and the DR said "No need for a shot gun!" it was very cute & personal. Our families were thrilled & totally shocked. I had secretly thought a girl would be awaesome however now that I have Logan I couldn't imagine not having him or being more in love ever.



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    My babies were BOTH in a rush to meet mama, Logan born July 24, 2009 at 35.2 weeks, 5lbs 10oz, 1 week in the NICU. Eliya born March 22, 2012 at 35.6 weeks, 5lbs 12oz, 5 days in the NICU
  • we cried. both of us :) 

    We didn't find out but we both thought we were having a girl all along...we called her "she" throughout the pregnancy.  When DH said "it's a girl", we laughed and I said, "duh, I know!"

    "Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you've got about a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies. God damn it, you've got to be kind." - Kurt Vonnegut
  • I was shocked- I guessed we were having a boy the whole time! My OB didn't tell us...she just held DD up and we both realized what we saw and said "It's a girl!" and looked at each other in disbelief! DH then shouted it out for our family waiting in the hall to hear. We both started crying!

    We loved not knowing! For us it was SO worth the wait!! 

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