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I'd love to hear your success stories with 3dt - particularly if you only had one embryo that the embryologist said was really strong. We had our transfer yesterday and put back (2) 6-cell "fair" embryos and (1) "very good" 8-cell. For our first IVF, we had two blasts on day 5 - so this one is a bit different. Thanks for sharing your stories - it's always nice to hear from women who have had success after conquering IF.

Re: Success stories with 3dt

  • 3dt, 1-8-A, 1-6-B and 1-4-ungraded.  BFP, DD's ticker below!


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  • Check out my siggy! He's our 3dt success! We had 2 strong embies that we transferred and none made it to freeze. I was always pregnant with a singleton. Good luck! Hope to see you back here for good in a couple of weeks!
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  • We transferred one 8 celled embie on day 3 and have a beautiful, healthy 9 month old girl!  Good luck!
  • On our third (and successful) IVF, we had a 3dt of 3 embryos.  1 was a 6 cell excellent, 1 was a fair 8 cell and the third was a good 8 cell.  Those were all we had as we had a history of poor embryos.

    Anyway, as you can see one stuck around and he's due in December! 

    Try your best to stay positive although I know it's nearly impossible.  I didn't believe we were pg this last time at all.  I was literally blown over when we got the bfp.  I wish now that I wasn't so negative during my 2ww or even when we did the xfer.

    Good luck and I hope to see you hear permanently.  :)

  • Ummm look at the siggy......he was a poorly gradded embie go figure!
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  • I had a 3dt and we transferred 1 very good 8-cell and 1 fair 7 cell.  It worked!  Best of luck to you!

  • I responded yesterday but to reiterate... IVF #1= 5dt, trans 2 perfect or near perfect (1 3AB & 1 4AA) blasts= BFN. IVF#2= 3dt, trans 3 embies, 2 7-cell grade B, 1 8 cell grade A= BFP (with singleton).

    Good luck.

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  • I don't remember our embryo stats by heart (I have them written down at home) but yours sound very similar to the 3 ebmryos we transfered and are expecting one baby boy within the next three weeks!!


    Good luck!

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  • Our 3dt success story is seen below! Smile

    We transferred two 8-cell embryos and one stuck. Good luck waiting until your fingers are crossed for you!

    After 20 months, 3 Clomid cycles and 4 IUI cycles, IVF #1 with ICSI = BFP!
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  • Hi!

    First of all good luck!!!  We did a 3dt.  We transferred 2 8-cell grade A embies.  They both stuck but we lost one at 6w.  We still have one healthy baby!  I hope this works for you!!!

  • My upcoming arrivals are from a 3dt!  Actually, my RE really only does 3 days unless there are extenuating circumstances.  

    Both mine were Grade A 8-celled embies.


    Good luck!!! 

  • We did a 3dt of one 8 cell and one 7 cell and they are both currently napping on the couch.  Good luck :)
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    3 cycles clomid Ovidrel IUI = BFNs
    6/27/08 Surprise BFP = chemical pg
    IVF#1 July 08 BFP @7dp3dt
    TTC #3 since February 2010
    FET Sept. and Oct. 2010=BFN's
    IVF#2 June 2011=BFP

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  • I'm a 3dt success story.  I don't really remember the quality of the embies we transferred but I think they were not "great" especially since my ultra conservative RE was willing to transfer 3 of them.  None of my others even made it to day 5, which clearly isn't an indication of the ones they transferred-- but I remember being sure that I had bad embies and I was going to get a bfn.  I had done a 5dt with a blast and a morula the cycle prior and it was a bfn.

    Good luck!!



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  • 3dt with 1 near-perfect 6 cell and 1 perfect 8 cell.  Good luck!
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