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mattress pad, any suggestions??

I have a really nice, well broken in mattress and my fear is that my water will break and ruin it, any suggestions on the type of mattress pad to get?? I know I don't want a cheap plastic one as they make a lot of noise but from there I'm just not sure what to look for. I figure I better start looking now since I'm 32 weeks.



Re: mattress pad, any suggestions??

  • Target has a good selection.
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  • I can't remember where I read it, but I read that instead of a matress pad just put a plastic shower liner down under the sheet. Not sure about this one, but it's a suggestion.I can't imagine it'd make a lot of noise.
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  • We have one that is terry cloth on top and waterproof latex underneath.  It is very thin and I can't even feel it under my sheets.  We purchased it at the same store we got our mattress 3 years ago and there is not one mark on our mattress - still looks brand new!

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  • I just got one from overstock.com last week that isn't crinkly and seems like it'd do the job.
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  • I got a waterproof mattress pad at Kohl's several weeks ago, it doesn't make any noise, and it was less than $30...I also have a rubber-bottom kitchen rug at my bedside, and a bunch of old towels in my dresser (within reach of the rug).  I don't think I'm paranoid, do you?  Smile


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