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Birthing Classes

Are you guys doing any birthing classes, like lamaze beforehand? My hubby thinks people don't do them anymore and i'm on the fence about them.

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  • Yep we have our baby basics next tuesday and then the tuesday after that our breast feeding?essentials?then our?hospital?tour the following weekend then starting towards then end of August our 5 week prenatal classes start which is what prepares us for labor and delivery.?
  • We are taking a birthing class that's called Express - it's just one day for like 3 hours.  It's an overview of the whole birthing process/experience and there is a tour of the hospital as well.  I think more info is better than none!
  • I will be taking a Lamaze class probably late 2nd tri.

    It's a good idea to do it, IMO, because even if you plan on having an epidural, they may make you wait for it, or it may not be effective for you, or it may wear off... and it's a good idea to have other tools in your kit, so to speak. 

    I took a prepared childbirth class (which did nothing to prepare me for childbirth) last time... which covered all the basics of the physiology of birth, but didn't really give anyinstruction for any kind of pain coping technique.

  • We are doing several. We're doing a childbirth class, a baby basics class, a breastfeeding class, and an infant CPR class.
  • I plan on taking the Lamaze class and the bf class.  I am trying to talk DH into taking the Daddy Bootcamp class. 

    I know a lot of people said that they didn't use much out of their birthing class during labor, but I figue that the more educated I am the better.  The cost to us is minimal, so why not take it, it can't hurt.  If it were more expensive I may think twice about it.

    Also, I want DH to go because I want him to understand what will be happening and he refuses to watch any birthing or baby shows and will not read any books.

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  • yes, we'll be doing at least a lamaze class and maybe a breastfeeding class.
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    We're doing them. I've heard different statistics about how often people do them (30%-50%) but I think it can be very helpful to know what is coming with your first birth.
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  • Absolutely! And they are VERY popular, so I would at least look into the short classes that your hospital offers.?

    We are taking a 12-week Bradley class, but our goal is go natural.?

  • We have been in a big debate about this. I was interested in doing either a Bradley Class or a Hipo-birth class, but could not find an instructor by us.?

    We are taking a 5 hours class from a motherhood center here taught by a labor doula. We may also take CPR and Breast Feeding through the hospital as well as a hospital tour.

    Good luck...it was not an easy choice for us and I was conflicted. ?

  • We will be taking the Weekend Intesive Labor & Birth Education class, Breastfeeding: Getting Started, and DH will be taking the Boot Camp for New Dads.

    Although I don't really need classes on alternative methods for pain management (I spent a LOT of time in the hospital as a child and learned these methods there), I really want to make sure I get at least the basic idea of how "normal" labor happens. I mean...we all see it on TV and such, but realistically I'm not sure what parts of labor come in what order, how fast they move between stages, etc. I'm hoping this will at least touch on all of those subjects. 

    As for the breastfeeding class, I used to work in L&D sometimes as a CNA and I know how in demand the lactation consultants are! I can only imagine how frustrating it will be to want to feed your baby, the baby wants to feed, it's crying, you're in pain, and you have to wait on the consultant. I'm hoping getting some of the information early will maybe lessen the amount of time I'll need with a consultant once the LO is here.

    DH wants to have some hands-on training with babies before ours actually gets here. He's nervous (as most men are) about how to hold/move/change, etc the baby...so I know this will help him out some.

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  • I'm not going to any but am doing a lot of research online.  I just don't want to pay for them.
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  • We did a basic 2 hour class with DD because I was told if I planned to have an epidural, not to bother with lamaze.  We are thinking of doing lamaze this time because I almost couldn't get an epidural with DS, and I'd like to be prepared with how to work through if I can't get an epi this time.

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  • We are taking birthing classes. I'm not sure if I'll actually use the techniques but I want to be as informed as possible just in case. Smile
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  • We are taking a birthing class starting... well... thursday! OH BOY! Then I think after birth I will be taking a mommy and me class at the hospital as well. I think if anything the birthing classes will give you at least one thing you didnt know or you find useful. My friend took a birthing class and said she loved it! Lots of information, she chose what kind of meds she wanted and what kind of birth she wanted all from the classes.
  • We're taking three classes through the hospital I'll be delivering at: Prepared Child Birth, Newborn Care, and Breast Feeding.  We also plan on taking an infant/child CPR, choking, and first aid class as well.  We're first time parents and we want to feel as prepared and educated as possible.  Plus, we're hoping to meet some other local couples through the classes.
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