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Munire Essex, or Babi Italia Pinehurst crib???

I can't decide on the two. They look very similar, and are priced the same. Do you have experience with either? What are your thoughts? We'd be purchasing the Espresso finish. Thanks!

Re: Munire Essex, or Babi Italia Pinehurst crib???

  • I just ordered a Munire crib!  We really loved the quality & would totally do it again!  :)
  • we went with the munire essex. i believe it got better reviews in baby bargains.
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    We got the Babi Italia Pinehurst Lifetime Crib...and LOVE it. Out of all the cribs we looked at it felt the most sturdy, and now that we have it put together it feels even more sturdy and solid than it did in the store.
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  • We have the Munire Essex and all my friends do too. It is very sturdy/high quality feeling and had great reviews from Baby Bargains.
  • We have the Munire Essex for DS and have absolutely loved it!!!  Very sturdy and like PPs said, got great reviews.
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  • We picked the Pinehurst.  It has 5 out of 5 stars with over 185 reviews on BRU's website, it cost $365 with the coupon, and it's such a solid piece of furniture, unlike a lot of other cribs we had looked at.  I've heard good things about the Munire too, both are great cribs, and I can highly recommend the Pinehurst.  It was very simple to put together and will be very easy to make into a toddler/full bed.

    Now that said, you're talking about 2 different colors right?  The Pinehurst comes in Espresso, the Munire comes in Cherry.  This is a pretty big difference IMO.  The Pinehurst is a very dark Espresso, there's hardly any reddish in it at all.  I'd say that since both cribs are great quality, you should pick based on which color you prefer.

    Here's ours, not decorated yet, but we plan to have purple accents.



  • The Essex comes in espresso as well :)


    It's BEAUTIFUL in real life & got awesome reviews from both friends & Baby Bargains.  We caught it right during a Munire sale, so we paid $350 for the crib...less than the Pinehurst.

  • They look almost identical.  We got the Babi Italia Estside crib which is similar.  I'm very happy with this company and the quality of their crib, it's very sturdy and the color is beautiful.
  • We chose the Essex.  I just loved it but to be honest didn't look at the Bai Italia.
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  • We ordered the Munire Essex.  We have not received it yet, but loved it in the store.
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