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They suggest wearing comfortable clothes and bringing two pillows...? For those that attended, did you wear workout clothes/sweats. What about a t-shirt and shorts?
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Re: Hoag Childbirth Series

  • I wore a tank-top and a skirt last week-- I would rec. wearing shorts if you can b/c we practiced pushing and I almost gave everyone a show.  Don't wear an underwire bra if you're having probs. with shortness of breath b/c you sit for awhile and mine was cutting into my ribs. Bring water and a snack, but they do have vending machines.  The classes are really fun :)
  • Definitely bring the pillows -- you need them to prop you up during the breathing practice. Plus, you're on the ground for quite a bit of time.

    I wore maternity jeans, but forgot there was a hole in the back where the jeans met the elastic material covering my tummy! I kept having to pull down my shirt the entire time. Wink

  • I wore regular maternity clothes which were comfortable for me.  Basically you will be sitting on a padded mat which is pushed against the wall.  Your hubby will be sitting on the ground leaning against the wall and you will be leaning on him.  My hubby used both of the pillows we brought for his back/butt (I didn't need one). 

    I wore flip flops and cargo capris and was totally comfortable on the ground.  I wouldn't wear dresses or shorts since you'll be on the ground and might flash the people opposite of you. 

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