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I could swear I felt the baby kick! CRAZY!

 I am only about 13 weeks preggo and I could swear I felt the baby kick this morning. For about a week now I have felt flutters. Is it even possible to feel the baby this early? When I went in for my U/S at 10 1/2 weeks, the little nugget was a mover and shaker. Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: I could swear I felt the baby kick! CRAZY!

  • I think it was probably gas.
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  • image greenclown:
    I think it was probably gas.


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  • um, no - that wasn't the baby that was your bowels. 

    Wait another month and try again.

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  • The nurse at my doctors office told me last week that b/c I am so petite I could probably feel the flutters already. When I went for my first appt. at 8 weeks I watched how the doctor felt around for my uterus and he said he could feel it already, so I have been able to feel my uterus since about 10 weeks also. I swear I have felt flutters because I know where the baby is and it isn't like normal gas bubbles.
  • With DD, I felt first movement at 14/15 weeks.  I didn't know that is what it was, until it got a lot more frequent!  Some second time moms claim to feel kicks as early as 12 weeks, so.....maybe! 
  • image Luckycat22:
    It was like a quick punch right smack in the center of where the baby would be...so i really think it was. I also have had 3 surgeries (in that area), so I have become very aware of my body. It sent this wierd feeling thru my body.....i don't know!

    for what it's worth...i think many people who are sure they've felt their baby move would agree that at this point you wouldn't be feeling anything close to a "quick punch". i didn't even know for sure that it was my baby moving (around 16 weeks) until i asked my dr because it was so light and so quick that if i really wasn't paying attention, i would miss it.  hang in there though!  soon enough you'll be singing that baby lullabyes so it'll take a nap and give you a rest from moving!  ps-everyone's different, this is just my experience.

  • i've heard instances of expectant mothers feeling flutters much sooner with the more pregnancies they've had... my personal feeling regarding mothers who have had multiple preganciesis that they know full-well the differences between gas and baby movements. but certainly a first time mother may just be over-anticipating the very exciting milestone of feeling the baby move inside her.
  •  Wink Just fart.... lol maybe its gas.... i sure dont feel anything yet and im further along
  • a friend of mine's mom is a VERY petite woman, and she told me that she started feeling her first's movements around 12/13 weeks.  It's entirely possible if you're very small, but I doubt it would be something as hard as a kick, more like a flutter.  The lady I mentioned above said it feels more like someone is lightly brushing your belly with their fingertips.  I'm also very small, so I expect to start feeling LO in a couple weeks.  I know I pay a lot more attention now :)
  • I'm pretty darn sure that I'm feeling the baby... yeah, it could be gas. But I feel it at just about the same time most days, even when I'm not gassy. And it's just started in the last 1-2 weeks, so if it is gas, I've started feeling it in a completely different way than I did earlier in this pregnancy.

    It feels like flutters, just like my daughter's early movement did, but every now and then, there's a very gentle thump.

    I didn't think it was possible to feel movement this early either, until I did.

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  • it was a thump! That's a very good explanation. The fluttering has been going on now for like a week. Like I said I know my body from having so many surgeries and it's not gas. I am a petite girl as well, so it could happen. Everybody is different!!! And every BODY is different. Thanks for everyone's input. I love it!  :>)
  • I would say that anything is possible..... I mean my Dr told me since I am a little bigger it might take a while longer to really feel my baby move......why not sooner for a petite person???
  • You're silly. I still get twinges that feel like baby kicks.
  • Is this your 1st?  My SIL Swears up and down that she felt her baby from about 12 weeks, but it is her 2nd.  She also said that she could feel her 1st from 14 weeks.
  • I felt the baby at 13 weeks in my first pregnancy. I couldn't believe the people who said it was gas...what do they know?!? My OB and nurse said many people (especially thin) feel it that early. The baby is the size of a lime, so not so tiny anymore.


  • I just went to the Doctor this morning and told him about the possible kick/punch/thump and he said it could have very well been the baby! He said i am not crazy- and I would be very lucky to have that happen. He has many patients who feel it at 14 weeks, and well i am 13 weeks. He too agreed with me about all my surgeries and that i am very in tune with my body.


    Thanks Courtney for believing it can happen!!

  • I felt my first at 15 weeks, my second at 13 weeks, and I just started feeling this baby a couple of days ago. It is very possible, isn't it an amazing feeling.
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