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How many wks until sleeping the night?

How many weeks did your child start sleeping through the night and do you have any tips to help get there?

We are putting our guy to bed around 8:30 (after his bath and last feeding) and then he wakes up around 3:30AM/4:00AM.  He's 11 wks.

Re: How many wks until sleeping the night?

  • It REAAAAALLY varies.  A friend's LO was STTN at 5 wks.  Another friend's LO is still not STTN at 5 months.  My DD was STTN at 8 wks.

    Just make sure the last feeding of the night is a good one, keep it dark and calm if LO does wake up and get him back to sleep ASAP.  Most of all, keep your fingers crossed. 

  • DD started at 8 weeks. We didn't do anything special, she just did it on her own.

    Our pedi said about 50% of babies sttn by 4 months and 50% don't.
  • DS only started sleeping through the night at about 2 years old!

    DD has STTN right from birth( 7hrs +)

  • It's totally different for every baby - there are mothers of 4 monthers on here whose babies don't STTN.  DS has STTN for the past 2 nights, but not sure if that's going to keep.  As for tips, I don't have any - DS pretty much just put himself on his own schedule, which has been perfect.

    It seems like your LO is sleeping for a good amount of time (7 to 7 1/2) hours, I would just put him to bed later.  We put DS to bed around 10 or 10:30, he sleeps 7 1/2 hours and wakes up at 5:30 or 6.

  • DS#1 slept through at 12 months!!!!  with help from the sleep lady's book

    This little guy is up every 3 hours for a bottle at 5 weeks old.

    It varies sooooo much.

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    If your 11 week old is sleeping from 8 until 3, I wouldn't complain! That is great!  I would actually make his bedtime earlier.

    But to answer your question DS#1 slept 6-6 at 3mos, then stopped at 4mos, then sttn again at 5mos.

    DS#2 is almost 5 months and last he woke up only once to eat for the first time. Before, he always nursed 2-4 times a night.

  • image bobcatsteph:
    DD started at 8 weeks. We didn't do anything special, she just did it on her own.
    Same with our DS.
  • About 156 for one child, 70 for the other. Night terrors are fun! Not.
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