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Anyone ever watch Toddlers & Tiaras?

I just seen an ad on tv for it and I think that it is just sick.  What kind of mother would dress their DD in an outfit with all the makeup to make them look like some sort of skank in a competition?

Re: Anyone ever watch Toddlers & Tiaras?

  • I agree 100%. They make them wear wigs, fake teeth, fake tan, it's really disturbing!
  • i cant watch it. the previews piss me off. i cant imagine doing that to my kids. those parents have issues
  • SERIOUSLY! Why would anyone subject their child to the drama at such a young age?! They are living vicariously through their children which is WRONG on many levels...
  • Crap like that will just lead to more tragedies like Jon Benette Ramsey. (Remember that little beauty pageant girl that was raped and murdered like 15 yrs. ago?)
  • Oh my gosh, I know!!!  I can't believe there is actually a show like this on tv at all.  Those poor kids don't even want to do be there from what I can tell.  It's just the parents who want it.  It's so messed up to me to make those innocent little girls look like little tramps.  On one commercial I saw a while back, the moms were saying some crap like:  "since when is it bad to teach your kids self-esteem" or something like that.  All they are really teaching their kids is that looks are the most important thing, no matter how plastic you have to be.  So sad to me!!!  I would NEVER do this to my kids.  I can't even watch that show it makes me so sick.
  • I completely agree with all of the previous posts.  When I see the commercials it just makes me sick.  One of the mom's was even quoted in a commercial saying "I'm proud to be part of something that makes me look like a good mother"  or something like that.  HELLO....it makes you look like a horrible, vain, selfish mother!!!

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  • It goes way too far. I see letting your kid dabble in things that they are genuinely interested in, but most of these girls really are just dolls for their moms to play with.

    Which isn't even the worst part to me - the worst part is that this seems like it's just a pedophile's wet dream. Uggggh. I would be SO suspicious of the motives of the people working these events.

  • DH and I watch it.  It's our quilty pleasure.  We are just horrified at how the parents act.

  • I cant watch because im mortified by it. Shouldnt these little girls be playing on the playground with other kids, getting dirty and having pretend time? Honestly, do they know the monsters they are creating...I cant wait till these girls are in high school.
  • image Kendall13:

    DH and I watch it.  It's our quilty pleasure.  We are just horrified at how the parents act.

    Me too!

  • And by putting them on t.v. aren't the mother's getting exactly what they want? Sure it's interesting because they are crazy, but to them they probably think they are successful by making it to national t.v. which only fuels their insanity. I try to resist the urge to watch.
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