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How many bottles if breastfeeding?

I plan to breastfeed almost exclusively - pumping (and storing in bags)
mainly to allow DH to feed the baby and because I have a few events where I will be away from the baby for a few hours at a time about six weeks after the birth. 
At my shower, we were given four 3.5 oz glass bottles so that's all we have so far (all Dr. Brown's).  How many more do you suggest for the first three months?  I'll get the larger bottles later as needed (for bigger feedings or for when I go back to work - which is undecided), but we are trying to only purchase the immediate neccessities.  I was thinking of getting another brand so we can see which baby likes best - but I'm just unsure of how many.

Re: How many bottles if breastfeeding?

  • I have 6 of the small ones.  You might want to wait and see how your LO likes those bottles before you buy any more though.
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  • To be honest, if it were me, I would just stick with what you have now and buy more later if you need them. If you were planning to bottle feed regularly, obviously you would need more. But you are planning to EBF, so you should be fine with what you have.
  • I hate those bottle more than anything, they made both girls so gassy and the parts alone are a PITA. C loved Drop-ins and J loves Born Free.

    I EBF both (C for 10 months) and did 1 bottle from day one, went back to work at 13w.

    Keep in mine that being away at 6w you will need to pump during that time away.

  • I agree with PP. ?Buy more if you feel you need more. ?Your husband can wash a few for the few times you'll be gone. ?When I returned to work, my sitter only had 2 bottles that she used, so she had to wash them at some point! ?In hindsight, I suppose I should have given her more, but I didn't. ?Oops. ?I only BF too and found that I needed the bottles more for when I was back to work, mainly because I didn't want to clean them ?to get through the day. ?I would rinse and wait to clean them all at once at the end of the night.
  • I don't know from personal experience yet. But we've gotten 6 large bottles and 5 small bottles from showers, and everyone says that's more than enough since I plan to BF.
  • That was lots for me; I just bought more when I needed them which wasn't until J was 7 or 8 months old and that's only because I unfortunately had to switch to formula at that time. It depends on how much/often you pump too. If you're just doing it occasionally, you won't need big bottles. However, if you're exclusively pumping and you do it every three hours, you may find you need two 8 oz bottles for each session. I would wait until you see what you like & what your real needs are.
  • I would just go with what you have for right now.  If you feel unsure about only having 3, purchase another pack and don't wash/open them right now and keep your receipt.  I BF DS#1 until 10.5 months and 6 wide-neck Dr. Brown's bottles worked just fine for us (I went back to work FT at 10 weeks and DH stayed home with DS).

    Sara :)

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