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Best school districts in DelCo?

My husband and I are looking to buy a house in Delaware county, but neither of us are from the area. Does anyone know what the good school districts are? I appreciate your input!
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Re: Best school districts in DelCo?

  • Garnet Valley & Rose Tree Media are the better ones. 
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  • I would agree Rose Tree Media or Great Valley i grew up and now moved back in RTM!! I may be bias!!!

  • Ditto PP and Ridley school district.
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    Springfield apparently has very good schools. In fact they are building this high tech place where the middle school is right now.
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  • We're in Upper Darby school district and plan on moving before DS is in school- they aren't very good.  I've heard Haverford school district is good, as is Rose Tree/Media, like pp said.
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  • I have to veto Ridley... I went there and not only are there sketchy neighborhoods that feed into the SD, but the middle and high schools have been dealing with drug problems recently. It wasn't what I experienced more than a decade ago, but I know they have had parent meetings and everything about it and I have friends and family who have experienced problems. When I did go there, the district was great with the top half of the class, but underacheivers and problem students were often just "pushed-through" the system and not paid much attention too.

    My husband and I are also in the process of trying to move to Delco and Rose Tree/Media and Garnet Valley SDs are among our top choices in Delaware County.

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  • I also would not think Ridley would be in the top choices....Definitely Garnet Valley is like #1 but to live out there you need $$$$$$$$$$.  Rose Tree Media is pretty good (that is where I went through). 
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  • Ridley is not a top choice?  I did not know this!  My experience there in the past 5 years in the elem. schools has been awesome and I know of many families that move into this area just for the schools.  Is it the elementary schools or more the middle and high school?
  • I went to Strath Haven and loved it (Wallingford-Swarthmore SD).  However that was years ago and I'm not sure what it's like now.  I know there was an article last year "Best Places to Live in America" or something like that and Wallingford was in the top ten and the schools probably played a role in that.
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  • I have a special needs 7th grader in Ridley, and from my own experience, here's what I can tell you.  The district has a lot of resources at it's disposal, but if your child has special needs, you will have to fight tooth and nail for them.  While I think Ridley is an excellent SD for the average child, I am not impressed with the way they handle their special needs students.
  • Stay far far far FAR away from William Penn School District.  It is awful.
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  • a website with a lot of info is
  • Ridley is a no go! Haverford is the way to go, trust me!!!
  • Wow... these answers seem to be across the board!  I'm putting on my non-realtor hat to answer this question because when I'm on the job we're not allowed to say one district is better than the other.  However, as a lifelong resident of Delaware Co, I'd like to answer... :)

     I agree that Ridley, William Penn, and Upper Darby are a NO GO.  Ridley isn't SO bad, but if you had to choose out of all the Delco school districts, I just wouldn't pick this one.

     Garnet Valley, Wallingford-Swarthmore, and Rose Tree are great districts. 

     I would rate Haverford as a middle of the road district.  I haven't heard of many people raving about it. 

    Did you know that Radnor is in Delaware County?  IMO, Radnor is the best.  I'm terribly biased, however, because I live here.  But I have to say that I bought my house based on the fact that it is in Radnor Twp so we could be in this district. 

    Two good sites: and

     I'm going to PM my contact info to you as well...


  • LOL. That's funny. I was just about to say this! Although I came out of this district and I think I did alright. =D
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