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Graco snugride vs. Chicco keyfit

The stroller we are considering has adapters for the graco, chicco and peg perego viaggio.  Baby bargains gives the peg an A- and it's around 279 and gives the Graco and Chicco A's, which are at least $100 cheaper so I think we'll be going with one of those.  The Graco is cheaper than the Chicco so my instinct before looking at them is to just go with the Graco.  Does anyone have any input?
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Re: Graco snugride vs. Chicco keyfit

  • i like the graco. i've gone through 2 now and they are great carseats.
  • All of my friends and family have used the Chicco. I'm going to get the Chicco vs. the Graco. They have all been really happy with the quality. Also, they have a nicer look, if you're not into all those prints. :)
  • We had the keyfit for dd and it was great.  Can't really compare it to the Graco but loved the keyfit.
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    Am I missing something?  That article doesn't mention chicco at all...

  • Are you by chance looking at the Uppababy Vista?  We are getting it.  We went to Buy Buy Baby to check out all the infant seats.  Out of the Peg, Chicco, and Graco, we chose the Chicco.  It seemed lighter weight-wise and it also got the best safety reviews.


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  • We went with the Chicco and were very happy with it.  We'll be using it again for this baby.  I believe it got slightly higher reviews than the Graco in Consumer Reports the year I bought it (2007).  I like the way it looks and thought that it was easy to use & clean.
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    Am I missing something?  That article doesn't mention chicco at all...

    Doh... it used to have a link to the actual test results in the article, but they appear to have removed the link.  If you google it you can probably still find the results posted somewhere.  After this study and other studies I read I felt Chicco was the safest.  

  • I like Graco Best. I strongly disliked Chicco. For the money I don't see a huge difference between that and Graco.

    Also my SIL has Chicco and I hate it. I think it's big bulky and too deep for me. Also, I think it's too heavy to carry around all the time.

  • We went with Chicco because it was the safest, got an A in Baby Bargains and highly recommended by other moms. Also, my best friend got it and I was able to "test drive" it with her son and fell in love with how easy it is, light and safe.
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  • We spent about half an hour yesterday with a knowledgeable sales guy comparing the Graco Snug Ride and Chicco Keyfit and at the end of the day, the Chicco was the winner for us.

    The Chicco base was really much easier to install - he did a demo for us in store. The Graco is a few lbs lighter, but it wasn't a deal breaker for us. The Peg was the heaviest by far and we could not justify the enormous price difference. Some other big pros for us with the Chicco: safest rating by Consumer Reports and overall ease of use. The Graco has more style choices & is light, but it was much trickier to install and has a few akward features.

    Once I found out the Keyfit worked with the Snap n Go, I was sold :)

    Have fun choosing!

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  • Thanks everyone and to pp we are looking at the uppababy!
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  • I used the Chicco with my first and will use it again with this baby.  I really liked the look of it and it is easy to use.  It's also gender neutral, holds up well, cleans easily, so it can be used with more than one child.  One of the biggest cons though, is that it doesn't fit in a grocery shopping cart (at least the one I got in 2008 didn't, maybe the new ones do).  It doesn't have the divets in the bottom of it that lets it "sit" in the cart...you have to hold it.  But other than that, I'm totally happy with my Chicco!
  • Graco all the way, anyone who has multiple children will tell you Graco is the most durable, tank like. I HATE the Chicco, I loved the look of it and it seems to be the "fancy expensive" version of baby gear but when I tested them all out in the stores it was nothing special. The Chicco strollers are AWFUL! So hard to use, absolutely NOT one handed fold, etc. We tried out the Graco in a million versions and couldn't find one thing we didn't like about them, super easy to use, fold, carry, and LIGHT.

    Anyway that's my opinion, I dont see what all the fuss is about the Chicco's and a side note NO carseat manufactured today is UNSAFE! So I find it hard to believe when they say one is safer than the other... the laws wouldn't allow people to sell an UN-safe carseat, crib mattress, you name it so those claims are unfounded to me....


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  • LOVE the chicco! we used it with DS and will be using it again this time. no complaints. its safety rating is higher than graco. 

    as far as pp saying it doesnt have grooves for shopping carts, it is because it is dangerous to put an infant seat in the front of a shopping cart.  you are better off not doing it anyway, FWIW...

  • The Graco is the lightest carseat, much lighter than the Chicco.  I have a bad back and carrying anything is an issue, so I went with the Graco.
  • Love my DD's Graco Snugride. It is so light and super easy to maneuver. We got the travel system and the stroller is also so easy to use and extremely light. It has held up very well and I will be using it for this LO.  
  • We are going with the Graco. It is much lighter and I found a pattern that I fell in love with!
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