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daycare - wwyd?

I just went back to work this past week. In addition to the transition being rough leaving my son after 2+ months off, I was just really unhappy with the daycare. We had interviewed them, took a tour and were very pleased when we signed him up (before he was even born). One day for lunch I made an unexpected visit during lunch and he was sitting in a swing crying all alone. I was told he hadn't taken a nap all morning and after I got him to sleep, they didn't have a crib assigned for him to sleep in (after already being there for for 2 days!). I was pissed, left work early and didn't take him back (he was there for 2 days and we've given them over 600 dollars! ugh!!).

?We have some people who can watch him temporarily (family members) until the end of the summer, but we'll need to find a permanent and reliable place for him. I don't even know where to begin.

?We were totally convinced the daycare we had picked was the one and it was a flop. I couldn't bear going through a bunch of daycares and being displeased and worried that my son's not getting the attention he deserves. I can't afford not to work...?

?anyone have any suggestions????

Re: daycare - wwyd?

  • lol.  not laughing at you but most people here know my story with the daycare i once loved.  find a new one that you are happy with.  if you dont you will be miserable.
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  • Can you hire someone to come to your house? We found a GREAT person on - a per diem nurse on the mother/baby floor at her local hospital, 5 kids, and she charged $10 an hour.
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    aw, that sucks. Do you have friends/family/co-workers who you could get recommendations from?

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  • my mother told me when i was pregnant and i wanted to stay at home that you learn to live on what you make and youll adjust and we have..i stay at home with my daughter and my husband sister has 4 kids and she stays at home while her husband works at lowes home improvement and they have 2 cars a house and everything...maybe you might could make it work and stay at home and let go of some of the things ur used sucks sometimes not havin the extra money but i love being with her all the time
  • Im so sorry this happened to you. I work in a day care and I know that it is against licensing standards to not have a crib or cot for each child enrolled. That probably means they were over ratio as well. (too many children and not enough teachers) There are a lot of good centers out there, you just have to know what to look for. If you need more help, feel free to pm me. Good Luck!
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