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Help! Water leaking question!?~

Is there a way to tell if you are forsure leaking? I am going to get u/s in the am but I feel as if I may have a slight leak. I am not sure if I am just worrying or if it is forsure.  Please advise

Re: Help! Water leaking question!?~

  • I had this Tuesday night.

    General consensus is that you need to call your OB (today, not tomorrow).  If it really is your water, then you have to go to the hospital asap because it becomes very easy to get an infection and that would be very bad.

    It's a super easy test at your OB's office -- they just use a little piece of litmus paper to see if it changes color.

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  • You are talking about water leaking from you?  Is it just your underwear that is wet? Smell it and if it smells like ammonia it's urine if not it could be sweat, or if it smells sweet it could be amniotic fluid. If you still think you are leaking then call your dr office.

  • you are 39 weeeks and 6 days... I would call your OB ASAP!

    Good Luck


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