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Need to vent.....

Well to start off I am pregnant with our third child and have been with my fiance for 8 years. We have been engaged for 2 years officially but I cant get him to set a date. I have offered that we could go to Vegas or just go to the courthouse but he thinks that's not what I want. I tell him after these many years and three children later I just want us to be married.

What is wrong with him or me? I'm so tired of waiting and I have told him that. All he tells me is he does love me and that we will get married soon. Well your soon is not soon enough for me. Am I in the wrong for wanting this? I really want for us to get married next year but how can I get him on board with that? Lost and confused!!! :(

Re: Need to vent.....

  • I have no words of advice, sorry!  But I don't think your are wrong at all for wanting to get married!  Some guys just suck like that.  Maybe try to bribe him with all the cool things that you could register for??  Just a thought.  Sorry and GL!
  • Thanks!! It's alright a lot people say that too. Even his mother says you could registry for that.... Gonna have to start bribing lol
  • Why is he hesitant to set a date? Is it really ONLY because he thinks you wont get the wedding you want? I dunno, I think there's something else going on to fuel his hesitations, but I could be wrong. You could also express to him that being married to him -- no matter how it is done -- is what you want, not necessarily the big, frilly wedding.

    Or, if it's the party he thinks you want (or he wants), why not get married in a court house or Vegas and come back and plan a reception at a later date?

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