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Help! Anyone else suddenly measuring ahead?

So I went in for my 34 week appointment today, and all along the doctors in the practice have said I've always measured on time...EDD August 20th.

All the ultrasounds backed that up.  Then all of a sudden today I see a new doctor in the practice and after she fiddles around with the tape measure looking very confused, she tells me I'm measuring 37 weeks!


How is that possible when at my last appointment I was measuring "normal?"

She also said it could be just a really big baby, or fluid, or that baby is in a strange position. 

Now I have to go back in two weeks for my first internal and a sonogram.

I'm SO afraid that now this baby will come early, or they'll be forced to induce or schedule a c-section.

Did anyone have a similar experience?


Re: Help! Anyone else suddenly measuring ahead?

  • I wouldn't know because my Dr didn't measure me at my last appt Confused.  I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does.
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  • I just had this happen to me on Monday.  I have been measuring right on if not a little small this whole pregnancy and I've made it very clear to my doctors that I thought I was going to be having a big baby.  My brothers and I were all 9+ lbers!  And they all assured me so far so good........but then MOnday at my apt the doc was like whoa you've got a big ol baby in there!!  She actually didn't even measure my belly this week so I don't know that, but I am going to get a growth sono on Wed.  Atlease I get a sono out of the deal even if she is gonna be a whopper!

    And my doc did say since I have such a small build that if she is really big I will be induced early so I can have her vaginally vs a C section at 40 wks.

  • Was it someone new measuring you?  If it was then that could be why the sudden change.  It might just be the baby in a different position as well.  Measuring your ute really is the worst possible way of telling whether you have a big baby or not.  You could have more fluid or you could be like me and carry more towards your back.  I always measure small.
  • Not that far along, but I'm measuring ahead.  When I went in for my 25 week appointment, I measured 28 weeks.  They scheduled a sonogram for my 29 week appointment and everything measured fine (baby, fluid, etc) but I was then measuring 32 weeks.  They just said that they'd keep an eye on it, but it could be the way that I'm carrying, the arch in my back, etc.  They didn't seem overly concerned about it.

    I wouldn't worry.  It will be good to get another ultrasound just to make sure all is okay.  Good luck!! 

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  • I am also due August 20 and at my appt yesterday I was measuring at 35 weeks not 34???  It is only a week but it is ahead.  I will be going back every week to the doctor now.
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  • I feel your pain. I had my 35 week appt and am measuring at 38 weeks. The doctor wasn't terribly concerned and after coming home in a panic and googling I'm not too worried either. They set me up for a sonogram next week to check baby size and fluid levels. Everything I've read doesn't put a lot of faith into the accuracy of fundal height measuring so I decided I'm not going to worry unless something comes up on the ultrasound. My biggest fear would be being pressured to induce or have a c-section but I am hoping that won't happen since I trust my care providers and their philosophies.

    I hope everything turns out okay at your next check-up and don't have any advice but wanted to let you know you're not the only one.. hang in there!

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  • I measured larger at about 35 weeks - however they said that it was nothing to worry about.  My husband was 9lbs so I have a feeling it is just going to be a big baby.  My due date is this friday and we are still waiting, my doc said if my tests come back good....they will let me go 2 weeks past my dd.  Which would forsure give me a bigger baby!

  • I am measuring a week ahead which may not seem like much except that we know the hour our baby was conceived with IVF... I would guess that the measurements are accurate within 1-2 cm, so I don't get worried.  As a pp said, it can just be a difference in measuring the uterus one visit to the next.

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  • I measured 3-4 cm ahead from about 35 weeks on.  I had an ultrasound to determine if it was a big baby or too much fluid and it was neither.  Just me!  I am only 5'2'' so there was nowhere for the baby to go but out.  My baby was born at 39 weeks and she was 6lbs, 13 oz.  So everything was actually right on track!

  • I am 31 weeks and due date not till September 6th. Last Tuesday (long story short) I had to go into Labor and Delivery for some internal tests and they did an ultra sound on baby and baby was measuring at 4.7lbs give or take a pound BUT that was bumping my due date to August 16th. My doctor at the moment is keeping September 6th, but the u/s tech even said that it is really hard to measure babys once your in your 30 weeks and on. I would wait and talk to your doctor at your next visit.?
  • The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with R.  Actually, same # of weeks, I think.

    Anyway, they started to talk induction, but within a couple of weeks, I was back to measuring on track.  They said they thought maybe she had a growth spurt, and then evened out.

    She was 7 pounds, 4 ounces when she was born, so not nearly the 9+ pounds they were fearing at that appt.

  • My guess is that your kid was either laying weird or your regular doctor and this doctor measure somewhat off. I was measured by a different doctor once and that measurement was also out of the ordinary.
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