3rd Trimester

membrane sweep

i was just wondering who has had this done and how they do it .....  TIA

Re: membrane sweep

  • Obviously we have not done this as we are only 32 weeks, but my SIL described it as an "aggressive internal" - that the dr just uses his/her fingers to separate the amniotic sac from the cervix.?
  • I had it done with my 2nd born, it feels like nothing more than an agressive internal, or at least it did for me. They basically just use their finger to sweep in between your cervix and the sac of waters, creating a space, which sometimes can jump start labor.

    Hope it works for you if you have it done. It did not work for me, I went into labor about 10 days later, but I think my body was just not quite ready to go when they swept me.

  • Personally, I'm choosing not to have this done (unless I'm nearing the 42wk mark).  Baby will come out when baby is ready, and if that means I have to be impatient and uncomfortable for a few more days, I can bear it (I'm lucky to be off work before my due date though).  
    There are other, more natural ways to get labor started if you're over the 40wk mark and really ready to be un-pregnant.  :) 
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  • It is not an option for me yet either.  Everyone keeps telling me to get it jump started - however, I would rather wait until she is ready and they have to do something to get it started.  My due date is Friday....so we wait!
  • They did it for me last time because I was showing signs of PIH and they wanted to try and prevent an induction. It was pretty painful. It reminds me of dialing on an old rotary phone. She made several "passes" around to detach the bag. Ouch. It didn't work either but it was worth the shot. My BP spiked and I had to be induced days later.
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