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Women's intuition

Anyone have a feeling they will be delivering early?  I have been having that feeling lately.  I would rather him be ontime or even a little late, believe it or not.  For those with children, was your intuition right?
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Re: Women's intuition

  • With DD I dreamt that she was a girl and came 2 weeks early.  she was 13 days early. 

    With the twins,  I have been saying since January that they would arrive on 7/7, but they are still in there....  but good luck!

    If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.

  • That's really exciting to hear because I had dreams that LO was a boy and per the ultra sound, he is a he so hopefully he will come a little early.
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  • DD was due on 9/4/03 and that would have been my parents 27th wedding anniversary (they divorced 6 years before that) but I knew that she wouldn't make it til then.  I had a feeling that I would go into labor over Labor Day weekend because DH and I had plans to go out and visit friends and family and it's ALWAYS my luck that my plans always fall through.  Sure enough, I had contractions over the weekend and she was born 3 days early on Labor Day. 

    Although with this LO, my intuition has been failing me so I couldn't tell you when this little guy will emerge!

  • I have had the feeling for the past three or four months that I will be about two weeks early...I hope for LO's sake that its not any earlier than that but I wouldnt mind being just a tad early as long as he will be healthy
  • I do, but then again I'd really like to deliver early so it could be wishful thinking!  :)  Here's to hoping!
  • I've always thought I'd have her around the 15th (I'm not due 'til the 26th). I obviously don't know what will happen yet, but the doctor seems to agree that she's likely to show up a little early.
  • I thought forsure I was going to have her early on July 4th - Now my due date is July 10th and I am feeling as if I may not go into natural labor or she is not in any RUSH!
  • I haven't told anyone this for fear of jinxing it, but I've had a weird feeling about July 13th for months now. There is no significance for that date, but I just have a stong feeling about it.

    5 days,

    I guess we'll see.

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