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Twin comments

Recently it seems like EVERYONE is asking me if I'm having twins.  I feel like telling them that I have only gained 18 pounds so far and they can STFU.  WTF.
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Re: Twin comments

  • This whole weekend I got are you sure there isn't twins in there! NO there is not twins in there and I swear if i hear it one more time I will throat punch someone!!
  • I get this all the time, too.  I mean really ? a good percentage of the people who make this stupid comment must know better!  What is their excuse?  I'm adding it to my list of things I will never, ever say or even joke about now that I've been through it on the other side.
  • I have had that comment all along.  It got old really fast.
  • The cleaning lady at my office said the same thing to me when I was only 25 weeks.  No matter what I said to her she kept insisting that I was wrong there had to be two.  Needless to say I was in a toxic mood for weeks after and still won't even look at her.  People are jerks!  Note: I now hound my Dr. on my weight gain and he insists that I am exactly where I should be.
  • I have heard it a handful of times and I swear the next person to ask is going to get punched. I cannot believe that anyone would even ask that!
  • Doesn't that tick you off. I finally asked my dr yesterday if I was measuring big and he said not at all. I just want to throat punch people when they comment on how big we look....News Flash - WE'RE PREGNANT!!
  • I get it all the time, the worst part is, I was pregnant with twins and lost one at 8 weeks.  People are so stupid


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