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Good pg books for dads?

Some of you have mentioned that you got your husbands books on pregnancy so that they know what's going on with you and baby.

What do you recommend?


Re: Good pg books for dads?

  • DH recommends The Expectant Father
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  • Our BFFs  just gave us "What to expect when your wife's expanding" It's a much, much smaller read than "What to expect when your expecting" and according to him, a rather light and funny but very informative read.

    DH just finished "The expectant Dad". He wasn't a fan but only because it covered the very basics of conception, the week by week, what mom is feeling week by week, etc. I had shoved that stuff down his throat long ago so it was stuff he already knew. Good for dads who are starting at square one, though.

    And finally, Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs". I made DH read that right before we started TTC. I figured a really funny book, written by a former Playmate... how wrong could I go. Plus, she is very graphic on what happens to our bodies and I was like, "Buddy, you need to know this before we get started."


  • Oops.

    PP is probably right - The Expectant Father. Not The Expectant Dad.

  • image MrsHK:
    DH recommends The Expectant Father


    we have that one and this one


     Both are pretty good.  DH is enjoying reading them.  I was hoping they would garner more sympathy for me.  Big Smile

  • The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion. He also has another more traditional (aka, less entertaining) book but he likes the caveman book best. We both read Your Pregnancy Week by Week.
  • I got my husband My Boys Can Swim. It's cute, thin and has humor in it.

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  • image Chrissy-n-Tim:
    I got my husband My Boys Can Swim. It's cute, thin and has humor in it.


    This is the one I got my husband too.

  • I got DH 3 books as a father's day gift.  "My Boys can Swim", "Dad's Pregnant Too" and "So You're Going to Be a Dad".  Out of the 3, DH definately liked the My Boys Can Swim due to the shortness of the book and the humour in it.  "So You're Going to Be Dad" is also quite funny (I've read parts of it) but I don't think DH is interested because the title isn't as funny.  And "Dad's Pregnant Too" is a much larger book, maybe more info than an expectant dad once to read....it's better used as a reference book for questions rather than something you'd read cover to cover.
  • my DH wont read them.  I bought him one and I also have a bunch and he says its all common sense.  I leave them in a basket by the toilet & he looks at them every once and awhile but otherwise can't get him interested.
  • My husband generally reads endurance sports books (if he reads at all), but did breakdown and started to read "So Your Going to be a Dad" and has really enjoyed it.  He's laughed at several points and read different parts to me. We'd recommend it.
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