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When to tell work? (I *start* a new job on the day I was planning to tell)

Yesterday I was told that I will be moved to a new job. I'm excited and it's a great, great move for me. It is at the same company.  I didn't think it was going to happen, and it wasn't something that I asked for, it was more of a "moving people around" type thing.

We haven't told anyone yet besides my parents (we are telling DH's parents in a week when we see them in person).

I have my 12 week NT scan on Friday of next week, and it will also be my first U/S. I'm staying positive, but also waiting to tell people in case there was no H/B etc...  I was planning on telling work that Monday.  That puts me just one week short of the end of 1st tri, and I'm ready to tell.

Now that Monday is the first day of my new job... Confused  So, I'm thinking I will definitely wait a week until I'm fully out of first tri.  Should I wait longer?  I don't want to wait until I'm 5 months or something crazy, but I don't want to freak people out either.  WWYD?

Re: When to tell work? (I *start* a new job on the day I was planning to tell)

  • wait until you are first tri is done
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  • I'd wait an extra week and tell, that way you have a chance to see how the new job is going too!
  • I found out I was pg 6 weeks after I started my new position (I've been w/ the same company for  5 years). I was pretty nervous to tell, but I waited until 10 weeks to tell my boss. I'm very slowly starting to tell others in this dept. I would wait so they get to know you a bit and your work.





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  • Maybe just feel it out. Waiting a few extra weeks couldn't hurt. But don't worry about telling. If it's a good company and department they have no grounds to be frustrated in any way. In fact, it just may endear you to your new boss even more. My husband hired a woman when she must have been 2 months pregnant and when she told him at 3 months he totally supported it. Now she's offered to loan me her maternity clothes whenever I need them. Little does she know we're already pregnant!
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    wait until you are first tri is done


    I agree.  And research some info on FMLA and pregnancy.  There are very specific rules they must follow.  Congrats on the new job!

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