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Diaper rash and CD

We've been using the bum genius diapers for over a month now (my son will be 2 months next week). He hasn't had diaper rash at all in the past 2 months, but this morning it seemed there was a little rash forming.?

?I know the BG 3.0 diapers state not to use ointments. The rash hasn't spread or gotten worse, but I"m keeping an eye on it. If it starts to get worse I'm thinking we'll need to put some diaper rash creme on it.?

?What would you do? use the BG with the ointment or get some disposables until it's healed? I don't want to ruin the expensive cloth diapers - I'm not sure if it will harm them, or they just put that on there to warn you against using ointment regularly....

?any advise is welcome?

Re: Diaper rash and CD

  • I would just put something in as a barrier such as a strip of fleece or find a cloth diaper safe cream. 

    You might give more naked time to try to help clear up the rash without using anything.  That's generally how we get rid of any redness that results from sitting in a wet diaper a bit too long or with a dirty diaper.  

  • I use flushable liners and haven't had any issues using diaper rash cream occasionally. ?
  • Twice today I let him sit around naked for about 15 minutes, both times it resulted in him peeing (good thing I had a cloth under him) which i expected. I have been trying to air him out and am hoping that'll help.?

    ?It seems like such an obvious solution - but an absorbable barrier between him and the diaper. Duh. Good solution.??

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