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C-Section Moms... I need advice

Im headed in for my c-section next thursday and am in need of a post partum support belt being that I need to be moving shortly after baby is born due to the fact that I have a 6 year old. Did anyone use on and if you did which one did you use? Was it helpful? Im looking at the Medela but Im willing to put more money into one if they help with pain and being mobile! Thanks!

Re: C-Section Moms... I need advice

  • I didn't buy one (Actually didn't even think of it ahead of time). ?The hospital gave me one, to wear there and keep. ?It was perfect (obviously hospital grade). ?Call the hospital to ask if they will provide you with one, or if you have to buy/bring your own. It did definitely help with moving around, and was just much more comfortable for the fist week/week and a half.

    PS - YOU better not be moving anything if it's within 6 weeks PP. ?Good luck!?

  • Oh by the way, my hospital called it "binding," in case they are unclear of what you're asking.
  • I got the one from Motherhood Maternity; it's a lot cheaper than the Belly Bandit or any of the others I had seen.  It did help - my ab muscles were really weak and sore, and it helped in the fact that I didn't have to put as much strain on them when I was getting up and down off the couch and stuff like that.


  • I delivered vaginally and still requested a binder. It was awesome, and no lie, I wore it for a month straight. I requested it because I had strep during delivery and once the baby was out I felt like my abs were jello and I literally couldn't cough or blow my nose. The binder gave me the perfect amount of support and resistance.
  • Just ask your hospital for a binder and insurance will cover it!!
  • The hospital gave me one and it was a lifesaver! Just ask to see if they do as well.
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