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Since Husband's Are The Bane Of The Day

name your biggest pet peeve (or 12)


Re: Since Husband's Are The Bane Of The Day

  • DH comes home for lunch every day.  when i get home from work his dishes from lunch are all over the counter.  how hard is it to put your plate in the dishwasher?
  • when DH "cleans up the kitchen", he takes all of the plates, bowls, etc, rinses them all, then sets them on the counter directly above the dishwasher as if they will load themselves.  Thanks for the help, honey
  • When he shaves and leave those damn little hairs all over the bathroom counter and floor and somehow the toilet.  And then claims that he cleaned up after himself.


  • Pet Peeve - That he only took the week I was in the hospital off work and he's been working 12 hours every day, including weekends since LO has been born and when he is home he's sitting on his laptop working or on the phone working.  Doesn't he realize that we just had a BABY?!  And when I bring that up to him he just says that he has to make money for the family because I'm not working anymore!  Thanks for making me feel like the bad guy in this situation!   
  • I cannot have a single emotion without it rubbing off on him. If I'm happy, he's happy. But if I'm crabby, he has to get crabby too. ANNOYING.

    He can't multitask. He can feed the baby OR he can answer the phone. He cannot do both. 

  • i have very few pet peeves, but yesterday he "cleaned the bathroom".  i only know this because there was a bottle of spray bathroom cleaner on the bathroom counter, right next to all the little hairs, lint, and toothpaste stains.  The mirror had somewhat fewer spots though...

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  • Apparently my DH is blind.  In order for him to help me clean the house he needs detailed instructions about what needs to be done and how to do it - one task at a time. 

    If there is a pile of clean laundry, fold it and put it away!  If there is an inch of dog hair on the floor, sweep!  How hard is that?

  • If he is upset when it's his turn to do laundry, he'll hang up all of HIS clothes and put them in the closet and yet leave mine.  He so so fvcking passive agressive it makes me sick sometimes!!!
  • where to start where to start....

    1.  He snacks after I have shut down the kitchen so I wake to a messy kitchen that I end up having to clean

    2. He cuts the lawn and then tracks in dirt when he comes back in and doesnt sweep any of it up

    3.  He brought home this HUGE ASS dog and the deal was he was suppose to walk and spend time training him - has he done it?  He started off good - then I had to end up nagging him about it - and now - whos walking the mini horse?  ME!!!

    4. He keeps telling me what I NEED to do with the car - umm hello - if your so damn concern why dont YOU do it.

    5. Can you not cook a meal sometime?

    6.  A poopy diaper doesnt not always equal MOM

    7.  I work also - so when daycare is closed YOU also need to take time off to care for DD.  Sometimes I CANT take off - seriously.

    8.  If you are concern with the way daycare is ran - talk to the owner - and then YOU research and background check into a new daycare.  Me I understand that DD is well cared for - and I have no complaints so I am not changing a damn thing.

    and I could go on and on and on....but hey I love the big dope....and I knew what he was like when I signed on to the job....LOL...vent over.


  • oooh, another one!  last night i was doing laundry and setting up Hannie's things for the next day.  DH comes in and says "i'm going to go play my game for a bit". 

    flames. heaving. breathless. seething.


  • My DH just called me from work to go over the bills and bank account...  I can read the bills/bank statement, thank you very much.  I can also perform simple addition and subtraction, therefore knowing how much money will be left after the bills for the month are paid.  I have many things that I can better spend my time on than listening to him reading numbers and doing math over the phone.
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  • When he tells me to "calm down."  I'll show you calm, buddy!

    LoL, when will he realize that those two words are the worst thing you can say to an enraged wife.

  • When he gets a towel out of the stack he can't take the one off the top. Nooooooooooo he takes one out of the middle, just pulling it out which in turn knocks all the towels on the top over, unfolding them, and leaves them there. Thanks, b/c I folded all of those towels just for you to come back later and leave them in disarray. Pisses me off every single time.
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  • LOL to all of the above.  i have one pet peeve with him and it's become a joke between us now.

    when he is done brushing his teeth he will slam the toothbrush up agains tthe side of the sink and spray water/toothpaste residue all over the mirror.  it's such a mess.

  • In DH's world, doing the dishes does not include wiping the counters, stove, etc.  It also doesn't include loading the dishwasher in a remotely organized fashion.  There's usually a sink full of dishes left over after he loads the dishwasher.  And does he ever come back later to finish the job?  No.  Oh, and if I get annoyed and decide to re-load the dishwasher (since he wastes so much space and all), I manage to get every single dish in there.  Every one!

    My other biggest peeve is that he calls me all day long.  Every. Single. Break.  So I get a call when he gets to work, on his first break, on his lunch break, on his second break, and after work.  And every time, he says, "Hey, what are you doing?" (I HATE it when people say that instead of, "How are you doing?") and then gets annoyed if I respond with something like, "Wiping green poo off your son's butt."  Don't ask if you don't want to know!!  And don't call me five times a day!  And if I don't answer, DON'T CALL BACK!  DH is one of those people who will call over and over and over until you answer.  GAH!!!

  • Multitasking is not an option for him.

    'It will just take a minute' X 4 projects; meaning I am on solo parenting duty from 5-8 3 nights a week and then he wonders why I'm so stressed that the house is a mess and since I nurse/rock DS to sleep having DH finally help at 8 when DS goes to bed at 8:30/9:00 is not as much help as he thinks.

    The credit card bill is getting high this month so we need to 'stop spending' but he wants to continue eating. And it's high bc we went on a planned vacation - meaning transfer the $ from savings into checking as planned to pay for the increase. And, 2 of our vacation dinner I paid for, not the joint account so it could be worse.

  • Lack of prioritizing. ?DH works long hours during the week, so I NEED some help/relief on the weekends. ?I asked him to hang up a new shade in DS' room. ?I've been waiting all week for him to do it, since by the time he gets home, he's tired and sometimes DS is already asleep. ?Now, he knows that DS naps every few hours (obviously, he's a baby). ?Instead of working on the shade while DS is awake, he decides that first he needs to adjust his fantasy baseball lineup (which is done several times a day for ALL of baseball season). ?Of course, by the time he's finished, DS is ready for a nap.
  • FANTASY SPORTS!!! Whoever invented this should be shot.
  • Hear, hear! ?And fantasy baseball is the WORST because there are SO many games!
  • my 2 biggies right now:

    1. he can't figure out that DD likes movement. when she gets upset he just holds her and looks at her (sitting on couch). she's 4 freaking mo old now, you haven't figured it out yet?! (or haven't listened the 100x i told u she needs to be walked around)

    2. when he plays w/DD it involves him sitting at the computer w/her on his lap, or her sitting next to him watching sports w/a toy in her hand. as i write this she s getting fussy and he's sitting at the computer. grr.

  • image AmyCC1980:

    Apparently my DH is blind.  In order for him to help me clean the house he needs detailed instructions about what needs to be done and how to do it - one task at a time. 

    If there is a pile of clean laundry, fold it and put it away!  If there is an inch of dog hair on the floor, sweep!  How hard is that?

    This.  Mine will ask 'Now what do you want me to do?' while staring at the dishes in the sink.  But at least he is willing to help I guess.

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  • image Teddysgal:
    FANTASY SPORTS!!! Whoever invented this should be shot.

    Thank You!  This is seriously my biggest pet peeve, how could I have forgotten?  DH is on not one but two fantasy baseball leagues this summer (in addition to his two very real softball leagues).  Besides setting his line-up and researching players and watching the games, he is also on the phone all.the.time plotting against other players and making trades.  I am thisclose to canceling the internet at home.

  • He leaves empty food containers in the fridge or cabinets.  RAGE!
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  • I hate when DH puts garbage into the at max garbage pail and leaves it for me to bring out. That is one of his few jobs around here. Jeez.

    I also hate when he leaves his whisker hair in the obviously just cleaned bathroom sink. Can he take the extra 2 seconds to wipe it clean? Lazy jerk.

    Ahhhh, I feel a little better.

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