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February Mommies - Monday Check-in

Welcome to the February Mommies group!

If you would like to add yourself, please click on the spreadsheet and type in your information; it will automatically save: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=rYnUxoZ8xWwBlJjy20fO5Iw

We now have over 300 February mommies on the list!

If you have an idea for the Question of the Day, please send me a PM.  If you are unfamiliar with Private Messages here is some information:  

How do I send a Private Message?

If you would like to Private Message another member, just open one of their posts, click ?Contact? and choose ?Send so and so a Private Message?

How do I check to see if I have a Private Message?

  • Click on "Check Private Messages" on the left-hand side of your screen (under the lists of all boards)
  • NOTE: The Nest says it sends an alarm to your email, but I haven?t found this to be true myself, so be sure to check your private messages every so often!


Voting on the group name ended yesterday at 5:00pm PST with Sweethearts taking the lead and Love Bumps in second.  You are welcomed to add these badges to your siggy; the addresses for each are located on the spreadsheet.

With some input from the weekend, we will continue with a ?February Mommies? daily (and typically once on weekends) check-in and each Bumpie can use the badge and name she likes best.

The badges I have heard of or seen so far include a Sweethearts badge and Love Bumps badge created by GreekyPie.

phinx99 created a blinky Cupid?s Cuties badge.

Breezie17 created a Love Bugs badge.

Thank you for sharing your creativity ladies!

If you would like to create and share a badge, please post here and add to the spreadsheet.  I'm sure someone has a cute idea for Valen-tinies!

QOTD: How did you meet DH/SO?



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