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FF: Similiac vs. Generics?

Has anybody had any luck with the Target generic brand?  I am thinking about switching over but wanted to hear other thoughts...

Re: FF: Similiac vs. Generics?

  • Hmm... we havent tried the Target brand. We tried the Walmart brand and it was a disaster. I didnt know Target had a generic brand.
  • We are using it and haven't had any problems at all. We also switched from Similac after a couple of weeks. We asked our Dr about it and he said he wouldn't recommend it only b/c it hasn't been around like enough to have been tested like Similac. However, he said that many of his patients use it and are doing great. The ingredients are exactly the same.
  • We haven't had any problems and being ten dollars cheaper makes it even better
  • rjade9rjade9
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    we switched from similac to target and love it! never had any problems and its way cheaper
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