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Please, I'm asking all you ladies to help...(important - long)....

Yesterday afternoon my cousin took her two kids to the public pool to sign them up for swimming lessons.  Her youngest, a 5 year old boy, was found face down in the water.  His 7 year old sister found him and he was blue.  The lifegaurds were able to resuscitate him at the pool and he was transported to the closest hospital.

At the hospital he was continually having seizures and the hospital decided to transport him to another hospital with a better ICU.  It was determined at the second hospital that he was deprived of oxygen for a minimun of 5 minutes.  They have had to keep him sedated to keep the seizures at bay.

He had a collapsed lung and ran a fever of 104 all night in the hospital and continues to this morning.  They had to keep him under cooling blankets all night long.  At this point the doctors have said they have done all they can and if he makes it they cannnot tell the parents what quality of life the little boy will have.  The doctors said, "It's up to God now."

If all of you ladies could send prayer and positive thoughts to the boy and his family it would be greatly appreciated!  This family has been through a lot in the past year.  The parents seperated, then their house burned down, then the mother and little boy were in a car accident last Friday that totaled the car and then this terrible accident happened yesterday.

Thank you all in advance!

Re: Please, I'm asking all you ladies to help...(important - long)....

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