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Originally, we planned to get a playard with a bassinette feature to function as a co-sleeper in the master bedroom for the first few months. Now that we're expecting twins, I see that there is only one (kind of ugly, IMHO) Graco version for twins.

I think now we might just get two cribs- one for nursery and one for master bedroom while they can share, then move them both to the nursery when they're a little older. If we do that, should I just get one of the cheapy playard versions for quick wrangling in the future?

What have you all done? What kind of playard should I get, if any?

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  • We had a singleton first, so we used what we had and bought another crib. I did what you are talking about - one crib in master, until they moved into their own cribs in the nursery. We had a Graco pack and play - just the basics with a bassinet/change area on top. We used it to change diapers and if we needed to lay someone down to keep them safe from our two year old, lol. I wouldn't say you have to have it, but it was handy and would be nice if you travel a lot.
  • Another option is to get an Arm's Reach Original Co-sleeper, which is rated up to 40 lbs and can also double as a playard or travel bed later on. (Though IMO the setup/take-down is a bit too much of a pain to work well as a travel bed.) What we did is used the co-sleeper the first 5 months and now we're selling it and using the money to buy a Pack n Play, since the cosleeper suited our needs better in the beginning and the PnP is better now that we want it for travel and a playard.
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  • We are going to do 1 crib in the nursery and 1 in the master (most likely). I also considered a bassinet for the master and having them share as I read some people did that for a few weeks. But anyway, we also bought a PNP with bassinet because it will hold both twins for awhile (just check the weight limits). We also bought sleep positioners, which I normally don't like, but I was worried that since the bassinet on the PNP isn't the most supported that the twins would roll into eachother.
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  • I remember pondering the same question before our girls were born. We ended up borrowing a Graco PNP for the master bedroom. They slept in that for about 2 weeks and then we moved them into their cribs in nursery. We used PNP in living room until about 4 months and then we borrowed a regular playpen. We are still using that, but it can only hold one baby now that they are big and rolling everywhere. It's still handy.

    Borrowing was definitely the way to go since I was really undecided on what to get and knew we wouldn't use any one thing for very long. If you have to buy something, I would look for PNP on craigslist. You'll be able to use it for quite awhile.

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