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OMG its sooo hot!

Okay I know Ive been waiting for summer to finally come, but now that its here I want it to be fall. HAHA! It is 90 and humid as heck out. The air is soo thick! My air conditioning, all the fans and wearing a nighty cant stop me from feeling hot. Im sure its hormones but the only cure is to go in the pool all day. Which is amazing but thats why our laundry is stacked up and the house is a disaster.....ugh! Im from Chicago. Anyone else feeling the heat?!
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Re: OMG its sooo hot!

  • Oh yeah, it was 90 degrees on my way to work this morning. It will be 101 for the high today.  I hate Texas summers!  It wouldn't be so bad if it would cool off at night, but it doesn't!  At least you have a pool!  All I have is my dogs slinging their water on me! LOL!
  • We are supposed to get it tomorrow. Its still 60 and rainy here.
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  • OMG living in south Florida during the summer I am not sure how I will make it lol! Its been over 90 every day for the last week..and if its not the sun.. we are having horrible thunderstorms you just can't win! I am taking my 2 year old to Disney this weekend I think I might have a heat stroke lol!
  • I would welcome some sun and heat about now! Out of 23 days, it has rained here for 20 days....and it's just raw!! I actually put the heat on yesterday a.m. because the house was just so dark, damp and cold. Poor DD has yet to go into her new pool and has never even tried on a bathing suit!  Please pass some warm weather to New England?!?!!?
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  • We are in triple digits here and our AC went out.
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  • It is even hotter here in Houston. We are humind and the air is so hot honestly you feel like you cant even breath at times. If I am going to be outside for any reason I am going to be in the pool definetly.
  • I'm in Chicago too!!  I live in the southern suburbs and work downtown and it's even hotter than the city.  The heat index is supposed to reach around 105.  This morning walking to my job from the train was torture (20 min walk).  I think I might have to start taking the shuttle.  I almost didn't make it this morning. I wanted to walk as long as I could for some form of exercise throughout this pregnancy.

    I love the summertime, but the extreme heat can be a bit much.

  • It's hotter than hades here, too... and humid to boot!  Ugh!!  I wish I could go swimming!
  • I'm in the western burbs here, and I only leave the house in the morning. 
  • Oh yeah, I feel the heat. Been in Florida all my life and I still cant stand it. On the news they keep saying "and the feel like temperature is 106!" Its usually about 90-98, and it makes me a slug around the house. So i know what you mean, laundry is all over the place. haha.
  • It's been in the mid to upper 90s every day here lately, humid too, with a heat index around 110.  It's ridiculous!  I'm starting to panic about July and August if it's this hot already!  Thank God I work in an A/C office!
  • I'm in Milwaukee and am cooking!! It's way too hot right now. I usually enjoy the heat, but it's killing me now. I am not even big yet and am so uncomfortable. I've also been getting super bad headaches from the heat / sun. DH has spent the last two nights trying to install our ceiling fan in our room and it's not working!! I wish it was fall too.
  • It's supposed to be around 90 today in SoCal, but it was overcast this morning. As much as I hate our 'June gloom' (overcast a lot in the beginning of June) it's been nice not overheating yet.

    The next three months will be horrendous, however.

  • I'm east of you in Michigan, and it's REALLY hot here too!  The last couple of days have been so humid and sticky.  I just turn down the AC and try to stay cool inside.

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  • I hear ya!  It has been over a 100 every day with the heat index.  I hate humidity....I am in central Illinois.  I can't belive I have to go on vacation next week in this.  At least now I can stay inside but next week I won't have a choice. 

  • It is baking here in Indiana as well!  I hate it when my husband asks me to cook, and worse yet, bake!  It is too hot for home made bread, even though it sounds yummy.
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