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Silly I know, but still kinda disappointed...

So yesterday morning I woke up with this weird gut feeling that I was going to have the baby that day.  All day long things just felt different (probably just my imagination)!  Every time I woke up last night I was thinking it was going to happen. 

 Well it didn't!  I am okay with it becuase there is nothing I can do, but I am still a little disappointed.  And wondering why I had that strange gut feeling.  I thought maybe it was my maternal instinct kicking in.  Guess not LOL!

 Has this happened to anyone else?

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Re: Silly I know, but still kinda disappointed...

  • I keep hoping the baby will come, but I know its probably not even close. I have had no signs of labour whatsoever, I dont even think the baby has dropped :( I'm starting to think I'm going to be overdue at this rate, yet every day I am still a little disappointed that the baby didn't come.
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  • Aww...good to know. I have this really strong feeling about Aug 14 being the day my LO will come. I'm not too excited about it b/c that would mean I have no time off work before baby is born...that is the last day before my mat. leave begins, and I'm kind of looking forward to three or four days off alone! Maybe my "mother's intuition" will be off, too!

    I think I would be disappointed, too! It'll happen when LO is ready!

    Um, yeah. The Bump be too crazy for pics of my kid.
  • I have the gut feeling everyday, I think I am going to wake up in the middle of the night to my water breaking.  Hasn't happened yet!!!
  • It's kinda strange you said that...b/c all along I have thought I would have my LO on June 28th (for whatever reason that date has been stuck in my head since the beginning)...well, I'm due the 4th of July, and being induced this Friday, June 26th...so it's quite possible his birthday will end up on June 28th....weird huh???  Confused
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  • I keep waiting for the baby to arrive, so far.....no dice. :( 

    I think the anticipation is getting to me more than the thought of the pain of labor.

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