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My Birth story... FINALLY! :)

Saturday june 13th-

I woke up to my bloody show at 6am. By 4pm my contractions had started and were about 10 minutes apart. My husband was graduating from his apprenticeship program and we were driving two hours away to the queen mary ship to celebrate and i was so scared i was going into labor. I timed my contractions the whole way there and throughout the entire evening. By the time we got home they were 8 minutes apart. 

Sunday june 14th- 

My contractions lasted through the night and into the morning, they got to be 6-8 mins apart by morning so my DH and i decided to run some errands and labor at home until they were closer together. We went to the hospital at 2pm and i was 1 1/2 cm dilated and 100% effaced. They sent me home. So my DH, mom and i went to lunch and i didnt eat anything because of the pain and nausea. we went home and i labored until about 7pm when i just couldnt take the pain anymore. By this time I had already been in labor for 27 hours but the pain really hadnt begun. 

Got to the hospital at 8pm and was 3cm dilated by this time. they admitted me and moved me to the luxurious birthing room. I was really trying to go natural but the pain was really killing me. I labored for 4 more hours and my midwife broke my water. thats when my contractions started to build on top of eachother and i had NO time to breathe. I got the epidural at midnight. After that i could finally sleep. I got woken up at 2am to be checked and my CERVIX HAD GONE BACK TO 3CM! WTF! I guess breaking your water can do that! grr.. I got checked two hours later and i was only 4cm so they started the pitocin. 

The pitocin was intense and although i had an epidural i could still feel all the pressure of my LO trying to break free. He was already at +1 station but my cervix wasnt ready yet. My DH was finally asleep in the bed next to me after i got my epidural because he didnt have to help me breathe through the contractions anymore. But once the doctor came back in at 6am she said that i had dilated 4cm in two hours so i was at 8cm!!! 

By 630a it was time to push. They are so mean to turn off the epidural on you! Well i pushed and pushed and they literally had to scream for the dr because i was pushing too hard and fast. I pushed my little man out in about 45 mins and he was born at 7:21am on june 15th. He weighed 7lbs 2 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. I didnt poop on the table but i did get a 3rd degree tear on my perineum plus i tore both of my inner labias. (ouch) 

Dawson is breastfeeding like a champ and is sleeping about 4 hours a night which is heaven! He truly is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and trust me when I say this ladies.. although i labored for 39 hours and it was awful, it is not the hardest thing you will have to do. Surviving that first week as new parents is MUCH more difficult.. but from what i hear, it does get easier. 

Good luck to you all! Happy birthing! 





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