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Attention c-section bound Mommas!

Have you seen the abdomend? Its a compression binder for postpartum support. I want one desperately because i was in so much pain after my last c-section but the kit is $70+!!! I just wonder if its worth it. Have you used it before or know someone who has. I have 2 weeks to go before the scheduled cesarean and Im not sure if I should get it or not! Thanks!

Re: Attention c-section bound Mommas!

  • I bought one and used it and it hurt worse. But thats just my experience
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  • I'm planning on getting the Belly Bandit =D
  • I've heard good things about things like that (even on The Doctors, they talked about it).  Didn't try it with my first c/s but I was thinking about getting one this time around, too.
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  • No, I have not seen this.  But I could see why it would be so nice to have.

    I have had 3 other abdominal surgeries before my last c-sec and they always wrapped me in a support belt.  I got to wear it home and would wear it for a couple of weeks.  It felt so good and helped hold everythign in.  I was expecting this after my c-sec, and nope.  It really felt like everything was just hanging out and it hurt. 

    I go in for my c-sec today, but I would consider it if I had known sooner.  My only question, is there some reason they don't have us wear one?  Like it would disrupt our belly/uterus shrinking or something?  Don't know, just a thought.

    Good luck!

  • Ask your doctor!  When I was leaving the hospital, my dr had a nurse give me some kind of compression belt with velcro from the hospital... I'm going to ask for it this time, just in case they don't offer it up.
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