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Sciatica? I don't even know

So I've done some google searches for sciatica pain, but I don't know if this is the same.  I don't have shooting pain in my legs or into my back.  The pain is when I turn or take a slightly larger than normal size step.  It's right at my tailbone and aches like nobody's business.  The pain feels deeper inside (not muscles) right at the top of my butt crack.  Sciatica?  Has anyone else had this?
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Re: Sciatica? I don't even know

  • Mine is a firecracker going down the outside of my leg to my knee.

  • I've got that in my butt too lol.... it's maybe 3-4 times a week... i'll be walking and suddenly i feel like a nerve got pinched on one side of my butt and i start limping to ease the pain. It eventually goes away but i'm praaaaaying that it's not sciatica. My mom has sciatica problems and they're NO fun!
  • According to my chiropractor it's only sciatica if it goes down past your knee.


    Sciatica or not, It hurts like a biitch and will stop me in my tracks. 

  • Totally feel your pain! I've had it since week 12 and my sister had it through all for of her pregnancies too.  It's apparently just the "way we're made"- lucky us!

    I did some research on google and found stretches that supposedly help. It also said trying lying on the side that doesn't hurt (like lay on your left if the pain is strongest on your right), with your feet up, or a heating pad (on low) for 20 minutes at a time on your lower back...  I also found sitting "indian style" with a pillow supporting my back seems to help. A friend of mine recommended a donut pillow but I haven't tried that yet. 

     Good luck!

  • I had it last week for about 48 hours.  As I'm 22 weeks along, my doctor assured me the baby would move off the nerve, which she did.  To relieve the symptoms/pain, my doctor suggested a heating pad (which I did and it felt great), prenatal yoga or acupuncture.  It was so so so painful!


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