3rd Trimester


So today is Fathers Day and I just had a baby 5 days ago. Yes, my little Blaze is here...

Well, my SO and I where behind getting our Dad's their fathers day gifts. So we decided to buy some frames that said Grandpa and Papa on them with our boys in them. We ran to our nearest Hallmark, which had awesome choices and picked up the frames and cards. As we where paying, we had Blaze in his car seat next to us.

This lady was standing behind me and said,"Ohhh, what a cute baby!"
I turned around and said,"OH, well, thank you.." I smiled so proudly. She says,"How old is he or she..." I said,'HE is 5 days old and his name is Blaze." She says:"Oh, is he YOURS?"  I was taken back from her STUPID question. I wanted to say,"NO, I just have psychic powers and know any random baby's life story. The actual parents are down at Sears buying a new vacuum. They just left him here."

BUT I was nice and said,"Yes..."
She looks down and says,"Are you expecting another one??" I gave her a *** look and said,"NO! I JUST HAD HIM... HE IS 5 DAYS OLD!" She says,"Oh, I didn't know how that was going to work."

MY SO gave her the meanest look. I was so upset by her stupid comment. I grabbed Blaze and walked right out.

HOW F'in STUPID can people be! I just had a baby.. I know I look about 4 or 5 months pregnant... but if someone JUST said,"He is 5 days old..." What in your f-ing right mind can you justify asking a woman "ARE YOU EXPECTING ANOTHER ONE?"

**YES lady... I had one on the back burner in there... he will be here in 4 months. We didn't want to waste anytime building our family...


(It takes a lot to make me upset.. but I have to say... that did the job.)

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