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DH Sex Question

Anyone's husband avoid the belly area during sex? Not to get graphic or anything, but DH was kissing me, etc. and when he got to the belly area it's like he realized where he was and kind of jerked back like it was on fire or something and it was like he was afraid to touch me  and then had sex from behind. Anyone elses husband do this.? He kisses my belly all the time to say hello or good night to baby, but it was weird like he associates my front with that now and didnt want to touch it. Kind of ruined the mood for me a little :(

Re: DH Sex Question

  • My FI totally avoids the belly during sex.  I think I would find it weird if he were kissing it during sexy time.  It's so associate with LO being there.  But he will have sex with me on top, not just from behind.
  • Nothing that extreme, but I have noticed that DH doesn't really touch the belly area during sex. However, I think part of it is a fear of hurting (squishing) the baby. I'm sure once LO is here (and sex is even an option again), that will start to return to normal.
  • It was just weird how he freaked and jerked away all of a sudden. He never did that before, maybe because I am a lot biiger now so the belly just kind of says BABY....lol
  • I think it's totally normal, they don't want to think about the baby growing inside you right before you get it on, LOL
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  • Don't even be offended by it. I was in that same situation! LOL

    My SO admitted that he was very uncomfortable with sex with me. The only way we would do it was in the bathroom, with the lights off and I was bent over. 

    He said his fear was hitting Blaze in the head with his "you know what". He also was just uncomfortable with the "idea" of sex with the baby so close.

    I didn't blame him. It was legit.. but hard to deal with. Now he REALLY has to wait and now he regrets not doing it more.


  • It turns them off when they think of the baby right there during sex. They can think of the baby all they want any other time, but if they are in the middle of making love to you, that's the last thing they want to think about...

    Kind of like, "baseball, baseball, baseball." the would start thinking, "baby,baby, bay" & it would def. not be a turn on to them. They want there mind far away from that at that moment. That's also why some DH's won't have sex with there very pregnant wives, they can't get the thought that the baby is "right there" out of their head.

     Fun Times. Don't be offended, be happy you are getting some!! Wink


  • My husband avoids sex with me all together. That way he doesn't have to have an awkward run in with the belly. *sigh*
  • Honestly be thankful your husband is still into having sex with you.  My husband is so freaked out by the fact there is a baby in my stomach.. he won't touch me.
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