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Opinions on UIC?

Has anyone delivered at University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)? I'm trying to decide between there and Northwestern. I'd prefer UIC because of location but haven't heard much about people's experiences. Any opinions would be great. Thanks!

Re: Opinions on UIC?

  • I wish now that I could deliver at Northwestern.  At the time that I began my prenatal care, my insurance provider did not have Northwestern under it's plan.  I now have a PPO but have decided to stick w/ UIC due to my wonderful GYN (Dr. Mark Potter).  Good luck...Yes
  • I had all my pre-natals and birthed at Northwestern's Women's Prentice Hospital last year.  They just openned their brand new state of the art facility.  After having 2 previous children, this hospital really is the Ritz!  My 3rd baby was a preemie, born at 33 weeks and had to stay in their NICU for a month.

     I cannot stress how beautiful their facility is.  Labor & Delivery Room is peaceful, quiet, but if you're like me and have a ton of family who shows up, there is seating and lil tables kinda like a social gathering, the Recovery rooms located on another floor are just posh.  I did get a Lakeview room the last time  :)  Nobody believes me, but they had an on-call chef in the building that prepares your delicious and gourmet meals, snacks and deserts at your call.  WIFI compatible throughtout the building even have computers in the waiting rooms.  

    Well, its no wonder that when my son was 10 months, we got preggo again :)  I am now 29 weeks today and am again having all my care at Northwestern, I would never go to another hospital again :)  My sister just gave birth to her baby girl on Saturday at St. Anthony's, I guess she felt that Northwestern was too far for her to go and let me tell you, I was there for the birth and I cannot say I was inpressed in any way...  If you're gonna start your baby out in the best possible place...  Northwestern it is!


    On another note, I did hear that UIC's maternitiy facility was comparable, the parking was cheaper and the location is more easily accessible than Chicago's busy downtown area.  Northwestern's lot is $10/ for up to 7 hours (with validation).  I don't remember how much it was for multiple days.  When we pulled in, we didn't have time to park, so we did take advantage of the valet.  It was expensive to park in the garage everyday for an hour to visit our baby though...


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