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What are you using for breakouts?

I have read not to use anything containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic (sp?) acid...right now I am using Burts Bees tea tree oil...anything else that is working for you guys? Thanks!

Re: What are you using for breakouts?

  • except for the one pimple i got on my cheek & a couple of tiny bumps i had, i havent really had any real breakouts but i still use my biore cleansing gel & the exfoliating scrub & finish off w/ the triple-action astringent (im sure that has peroxide or something in it) i guess i should check w/ my OB on tuesday to see if i should still use that stuff...but really since that pimple went away my face has been pretty clear
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    I use Dr Bronner's tea tree oil castile soap and haven't had any.  It really has helped prevent any from showing up even before I was KU.
  • I'm glad I read this one. I usually use the Clean & Clear acne medicine which definitely has salicylic acid in it! I will check with my OB and keep tuned in here to see what the thoughts are.


    I found useful info here: http://www.babycenter.com/0_safe-skin-care-during-pregnancy_1490031.bc

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  • My Dr. said no to salicylic acid, sulfer or anything that sits on your face all night (like thick zit cream) but that face wash with Benzoil Peroxide was OK.  I'm currently using the Clean and Clear cleanser in a purple tube that does have B P in it. 
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  • Darn, I never gave the Clean&Clear stuff a thought, but yup, retynal phol...something is an active ingredient.  I just checked my St. Ives Elements Olive Cleanser and that appears to be okay. 

    For breakouts - I've found that toothpaste on the blemish at night works really really well.   I've had a few large ones on my cheek and jaw line and 2 nights of toothpaste on them and they are gone. 

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    I've been meaning to ask this - good post!

    I am a runner, knitter, scientist, DE-IVF veteran, and stage III colon cancer survivor.
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    Wow. ?This had never even occurred to me. ?Thanks for posting!

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  •  Idea

    i totally forgot that these breakouts are a LOVELY part of pregnacy. Well now i know what i can and can't use...THANKS FOR POSTING...and THANKS ladies for answering!



  • I heard you should stay away from tea tree oil while pregnant!
  • mooetamooeta member
    I don't use the tea tree oil directly but in a soap.  My Dr didn't say anything about using it and it works well.  Dr.  Bronner also makes a great peppermint soap that works wonders too.
  • I just go to walmart and get these super cheap exfoliating facial wipes. They are litterally the cheapest ones there in a hard white container with light geen lineing around the lid.They work the best for me! I have found they do the trick and there isn't any acne meds in them. They work wonders!! I was on proactive before.  But these seem to be keepng up with my acne especally now where I find I am more oily. I also have the clean and clear oil wipes.  I just pat those on my face from time to time if I  feel oily.They have are super small so they fit in my purse when I am on the go. (also at walmart) 

    Hope this helps!!

  • One of the PPs said to use toothpaste and I've done that and it sure does the trick! BUT....If you are going to use it a few days to a week in a row find a PASTE (not gel) that is NOT WHITENING! It can also cause your skin to lose some pigment if used for a while. Tea tree oil is doing it for me though, just as well as the toothpaste.

  • I called my OB and was told that topical BP and Salicylic Acid are fine.  Taking any form internal is not fine.  Check with your doc!
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  • image mooeta:
    I use Dr Bronner's tea tree oil castile soap and haven't had any.  It really has helped prevent any from showing up even before I was KU.

    Thanks! I have some of this at home.  I will give it a try.   

  • I really doubt that using a face wash with salicylic acid in it is going to harm your baby.  The salicylic acid gets washed off your face; it doesn't absorb into your bloodstream or anything. It's not like you are drinking it or injecting it into your veins.

    Personally, I think women get a liiiiittle crazy when it comes to avoiding 'harmful' things during their pregnancy. If you try to do that, you might as well live in a bubble! Pretty much everything is deemed harmful these days. Really, walking outside is considered harmful. Sun burn! Skin poisoning! Cancer! Pollution in the air! I know you want your baby to be safe, but do you really think your baby will have eleven toes because you used a salicylic acid face wash??

  • I have just been dealing with my horrible breakouts and have not been using anything
  • I am using ProActiv Vanishing Cream (2.5% BP).
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