1st Trimester

Almost puked today

earlier like 2:40ish i almost threw up....i just took my pnv & drank a whole bottle of water w/ it...then after a couple of minutes mayb about 10-15 mins later i drank another bottle of water (my mom told me to do that so i can move my bowels) but i was having a hard time getting it down...the whole time i felt my stomach heaving & when i got to the end of the bottle i had the spit the last bit out cuz my throat wouldnt let me swallow it(it felt like i was trynna throw up at the same time i put the last swig in my mouth) i hated that feeling, i started wining like a lil baby & almost cryed praying to God that i didnt throw up...i did end up moving my bowels a lil but i will never do that again

Re: Almost puked today

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