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please share your cosleep to crib transition

DS and I have been cosleeping the past few nights for sanity's sake.  I already know we'll transition to crib in about 4 to 6 weeks, once we get a little more time before feedings at night ( maybe even STTN?? one can only hope).  How did you make this transition?  When did you do it?  Was it successful?  TIA

Re: please share your cosleep to crib transition

  • great question. I gave in to the cosleeping a couple of weeks ago and he's sleeping sooo well but I'm afraid it'll all come to an end when I start putting him in his crib.?
  • Ava was sleeping in a basinett right next to the bed until a little before 3 weeks, and I noticed that she was more fussy and uncomfortable in there than she was in her crib when she napped.

    So we just put her in her crib one night when we put her down to sleep and she was fine..she didn't really sleep any longer but she had no problem with the transition...good luck!

  • We are just now transitioning and it is 4 months! Haha... I have started by putting him down in his pack n play in my bedroom. Once he goes down in that without popping back up I will lay him in his crib. We do all naps in the crib though!
  • They said the key was to transition before they start recognzing their environment around 3-4 months. I started putting her in the crib around 9 weeks and doing half the night. She started sleeping 4-6 hours and after I would feed her I'd bring her back to co-sleep the rest of the night. Gradually we have made her full time until 6:30-7am in her crib. The trick is to have a routine every night and stick to it. Aubrey's in bed between 8:30-9pm no matter what and it worked because everynight she knows it's bedtime and she goes right to sleep!
  • Oh buy the book "Baby 411". It has a whole giant chapter on sleeping. It helped me tremendously!!!
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